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 Anastaysia Dragonmirov (Anna/Annie)

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PostSubject: Anastaysia Dragonmirov (Anna/Annie)   Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:05 pm

Anastasia Dragonmirov

Height: 5'9"( Exclamation NORMAL!)
Age: 20
Weight: 212
Breast size: C
Eye color: Left eye: Red w/ white Iris, Black eye-white---Right eye: Blue w/ red iris, Black eye-white(Yes, this is medically possible, Heterochromia and another really long medical term i don't want to spell out)

Mental stability: Depends whether or not she see's an orange flame(RACRP) Orange Flame: Stimulant , Few things can calm her down, other than a Blue flame, caused by burning alcohol
Blue Flame: Relaxant, However, if you attempt to douse said flame, She will try and stop you to the best of her abilities

Clothing: Leather Shirt, Bra and panties, Old blue-jeans for pants

Has a large backpack, With a wooden case stored on the back of it, This case contains a re-filled bottle of vodka, with Gas written on it

Orientation: Bisexual
dark-Grey scales wrapped around her body, save for her breasts and a V of Caucasian skin, it never burns
She has hybrid gills, Allowing her to breathe above, and below water, She has thin webbing on her hands and feet, Not the fastest swimmer, but the smartest.
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Anastaysia Dragonmirov (Anna/Annie)
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