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 Anastasia Dragonmirov

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PostSubject: Anastasia Dragonmirov   Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:11 pm

Anastasia Dragonmirov

Height: 5'9"( Exclamation NORMAL!)
Age: 20
Weight: 212
Breast size: C
Eye color: Left eye: Red w/ white Iris, Black eye-white---Right eye: Blue w/ red iris, Black eye-white(Yes, this is medically possible, Heterochromia and another really long medical term i don't want to spell out)

Mental stability: Depends whether or not she see's an orange flame(RACRP) Orange Flame: Stimulant , Few things can calm her down, other than a Blue flame, caused by burning alcohol
Blue Flame: Relaxant, However, if you attempt to douse said flame, She will try and stop you to the best of her abilities

Clothing: Leather Shirt, Bra and panties, Old blue-jeans for pants

Has a large backpack, With a wooden case stored on the back of it, This case contains a re-filled bottle of vodka, with Gas written on it

Orientation: Bisexual
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Anastasia Dragonmirov
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