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 Mech Design

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PostSubject: Mech Design   Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:17 pm

Main Design
Base Look:
Tail and hands:
Base Jet Mode:

The tail is longer [Refer to tail and hands] and more armored, containing a metal blade in the tip. The wings are more angel like, pointing backward and downward [Refer to Wings].Its hands are the same as the pic [Refer to Tail and hands] but bearing five fingers. Its pitch-black with ruby red eyes and lighting, joints and decals. The wings are completely black on the outside. Its height is 7 meters.

Jet Mode: More jet like, legs fold to become the boosters, the wings stay the same. The cockpit and head take the front and the arms fold under the wings. Pulse lasers compose of its main weapon system. The tail retract into the main body and become the 'tailblade' of the jet. [Idea for later.]

Melee: Replace the gun and sword arm by deadly dragon claws. Sometimes has wrist blades, swords etc... to deal extra damage. The tail also host a laser blade at the tip (Only active in laser mode). Spikes run along the arms, legs and tail. upward on the arm and legs, downward on the tail.
Two laser swords that are pulled out its 'belt'.

The mobile cannon (4) usually stick close to the mech and cover its retreat.
Two laser cannons per wings, they usually stick near the mech. One shield per wing.
Two shields that return to the mech as soon as they run out of energy, they are adjustable. They take longer to recharge, leaving the mech more vulnerable for a greater amount of time.
[Idea for later]

Standard "Skate" Boosters: Allow mechanized units to slide across the ground using a combination of boosters. Mechanized units can also strafe and circle targets. Larger mechs can reach up to speeds of 200km/h depending on the wieght of it.

Standard "Flight" Boosters: Allows mechanized units to rise from the fround and take flight for several minutes depending on the wieght and energy consumption of the mechanized unit. [high speed for only a few seconds, say 15-30 (5-10 with Over-Boost).]

Quick Boost: A quick high powered strafing boost that activated for only 1-2 seconds, the massive output of the boost is enough to push the unit to either side dodging incoming attacks.

"Over-Boost" Boosters[Limited to Large Mechanized units]: Large high powered boosters that can accelerate the mechanized units to extremely high speeds. Energy consumption is extremely high, a 10-30 second boost is only possible.

Its small, fast and mostly uses a Hit-and-Run tactic.
Deadly at close combat range.

Vulnerable when retreating.
Weak vs snipers and long ranged mech.
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Mech Design
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