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 Chatacter Sheet: Trisha

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PostSubject: Chatacter Sheet: Trisha   Sun Nov 28, 2010 5:12 pm

Name: Trisha

Age: 150-180 [Human looking: 15-18]

Gender: Female

Height: 4"10'

Personality: Naughty and Childish.

Specie/Race: Succubus/Human [Half]

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Platinum Blonde

Skin color: Tanned

Breast Size: Perfect B

Sexual experience: Beginner [She know's the terms]

Appearance: There isnt any hair on her, excpet for her long platinum grey hair, which goes down to her feets. Her breast are a perfect BB size, just big enough to fit in ones hand and soft enough to feel like water. Her body had just enough fat on it to make her soft to the touch and for one's fingers to press against her without feeling the bones. Her pussy, if one was to see her naked, was perfectly shaped and as soft as the rest of her body. She can get extramly naughty at times when it comes to sexual talks but remains childish most of the time thought it gets confusing when you try to follow what she says. She is also slightly insane in her ideas. She has a scar in the cleavage [between her breast] from a knife that got thrown at her. She draws attention to herself even when she tries not to. Her eyes are grey and wolf like, taking in every detail in a small amount of time. Her skin is always perfectly tanned and soft to the touch. She looks no older then 15 due to her size thought she is acutaly 18.

Clothing: She wears heavy clothes that barely covers her in the sucubus fashion, although she keeps her private area covered most of the time. Her clothes are made of wolf hides with the fur still on it. She has fingeless gloves [vambrace] made of the paws, the claws perfectly positionned over her fingernails and usable for battle [the paws had to be cut opened to let the fingers in]. Her boots are the same thought it covers her feets. She wears long pants that can detach mid way for shorts or all the way up for panties. The pants still have the tail attached to them, on the pantie part. The shirt works the same way, from long-sleeve to tee-shirt and even bra. She has a reversible cape made of black fur on one side and white fur on the other. Her hood being the head of the wolf, it retains its features, the bottom jat having been turned ito the string that holds it in place[The hood is seperated from the cape, which has its own hood]. The cape can be wraped arround her and become a robe, with the bottom part barely touching on the ground. Her clothes are reversible although only the cape has fur on both side. The rest of her clothes are grey. The leather side is blood red and waterproof.
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Chatacter Sheet: Trisha
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