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 Sharacter Sheet: Aura

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PostSubject: Sharacter Sheet: Aura   Thu Dec 23, 2010 5:08 pm

Name: Aura

Age: 5, Wolf years

Gender: Female

Height: 5"

Personality: Multiple

Specie/Race: Wolfhound(Half human, Half Ca'Nia)

Eye Color: Matches Hair

Skin color: Perfectly Tanned

Breast Size: C

Sexual experience: Minimal

Dusk: (Refer to base picture). Fear[Pain]
Dawn: White and teal instead of black and red. Joy[Pleasure]
Amber: Flaming Red with sparks of yellow and orange. Anger
Aqua: Aquatic blue with teal spots here and there. Sadness
Terra: Brown and orange. Calm
Wynn: Green and grey. Impatience

Storm Mode: Black hair moving in flame like pastern with the flame tip red. Remains calm thought she's easy to anger and usually hides her fear behind it.
Rushing Mode: Snow white hair which glitters in the light. She's quick to make friends thought it leads her to make bad choices.
Final Form: Gray hair patches by occasional purple and yellow flashes. Mostly emotionless.

Additional Info: Adopted daughter of Shado.
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Sharacter Sheet: Aura
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