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 Malika Dostya

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PostSubject: Malika Dostya   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:17 am

Malika Dostya
Twin to Minaa Dostya, Daughter Of Feeresa Dostya and Darke
She's Often seen wearing Digital Camo, Arctic pattern, Clothing.

Eyes: Almond shaped, Deep red Pupil, black Iris, Intricate "barb-wire" spirals in the eye white, these spirals are a pitch black, the eye white is an amber orange.

Facial structure: Flat Nose bridge, The nose is akin to a feline's. mid set cheekbones, The features are innocent in appearance, Her face is in the shape of a flat topped heart(no pit on top)
Fur color: Blood Red, Black stripes

This outfit includes:

hood-less Windbreaker w/ Pattern stated above
Occasionally she wears an Ushanka. Ear-holes cut out however, She likes to keep her head warm, and ears usable, its a snow white
Her undershirt is a Jet-Black, Skin tight, and sleeveless

All upper body clothing has slots cut out for her wings, The method of getting them on is quite simple, She Sings a Litany that causes her wings to Dissipate, and Become Transparent, and Nonexistent, She then slips on her clothes on over them, then stops the Litany, her wings re-appear in the holes cut into the fabric

Lower "uniform"
Size 15 Black http://workingperson.com/brands/timberland-pro-boots/timberland-pro-boots-steel-toe-waterproof-insulated-boots-53531-37971.html with Recolored Marine Corp Socks

Cargo pants with the same Pattern as listed above, Holsters for her pistols, and a "slot" sewn over the left thigh, in front of the pocket, is a slip for her blade, known as "the Blade of Helios"

Undergarments: Generally she wears A Black Brassiere, some lace but not much, And a black Pair of panties, Again lace but not much

Mentality; Playful, A little perverse, Generally Gets intimate scenes started, incredibly protective of family

LOVES: Screwing with Aurora, her sister and Devil jaw.

Hates: Cruel sick minded people, Being left alone, anyone who wishes harm to her family.
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Malika Dostya
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