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 Character Sheet: Shado

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PostSubject: Character Sheet: Shado   Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:59 pm

Name: Shado

Age: 19, Wolf years

Gender: Male

Height: 6"10'

Personality: Fatherly, a bit shy.

Specie/Race: Ca'Nia(Canine)

Eye Color: Blood Red

Fur Color: Black

Cock Size: Average

Sexual experience: Knows the terms. Has yet to practice.

Appearance: Is a black Wolven with blood red eyes. Has a slight military buff and well kept fur. His fur is soft and cozy when you get to hug him. The tip of his fur seems to turn ruby red when its messy or the wind plays in it. He has the ability to turn into a Dire Hound. Under his fur, he hides the scales of a drakio like armor. tThe scales are 5-10 inche bigger then normal scales and twice as thick as a dragons. His fur grow between the cracks of the sclaes and covers them, soft and thick, perfect for making a comfertable pillow. He currently wears a heavy black cloack that covers his whole body.

Additional Info: Father figure of Aura, he's always seen taking care of her. Great cook, usably knows what you want to eat before you even say it, once he gets to know you. Prefers less crowded areas and hates parties and being the center of attention thought he deals with it most of the time. Will rarely approach someone he doesn't know well but will respond when spoken to.

Base Look:
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Character Sheet: Shado
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