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 Vladamir "Hitler" Schmidt

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PostSubject: Vladamir "Hitler" Schmidt   Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:58 pm

Full Name: Vladamir Schmidt

Alias': "Hitler"

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Ethnicity: German

Allegiance: Nalinathrian Legion

Birth-date:: December 15, 3110

Age: 33

Weapons, Equipment & Vehicles: Standrard issue TEC pistol and rifle
Standard issue TEC reactive body armor
Tec Engineer uniform, TEC BDU

Primary Physical Characteristics:
Heavy build, Muscular, scar over right eye, missing right eye, heavy calloused hands, From constant vehicle maintenance
Blonde hair, deep sapphire blue eye

Mental Characteristics:

Primary Motivator: curiosity
Emotional Disposition: quiet
Moodiness: Tempered, Quick to start

Core Traits:

Outlook: negative
Integrity: stable
Impulsiveness: controlled
Boldness: limited
Flexibility: flexible
Affinity: cold
Attitude: Reverent
Comportment: distanced, self
Sense of Humor: serious
Interactivity: limited
Disclosure: none
Conformity: arty
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Libido: Distant
Sexual Expressiveness: concealed
Sexual Expressive Style: none
Openness to sexual experience: none
Promiscuousness: none

records indicate that all remaining family is either dead, or off record

Civilian Background;
N/A At this time

Military Background(Optional);
---Occupation: Engineer/combat engineer
---Rank: First Lieutenant
---Service Time: 12 years
---Ship(s) Served On:

General History: Ground pounder, quiet, blind in one eye, all else is classified
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Vladamir "Hitler" Schmidt
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