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 Lariiah Dragonmirov: entry 00129

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PostSubject: Lariiah Dragonmirov: entry 00129   Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:39 pm

Academy of War Record log 00129: subject: Hounds
Written by: lariiah Dragonmirov
Age: unknown
Classification: declassified

Basic hound
Weight: 40Lbs(smallest) ???lbs(biggest)
They have as much diversity as the current human population in the collation, if not more, Not much in known about their heigarchy, some believe that the hounds are a failed genetic experiment, many think otherwise....

Claw length: 1 inch(shortest) 5 in(longest)
Their claws are akin to grade C5 Nanosteel, not super hard, but hard enough to rend anything below that grade worthless. Their claws grow in layers, like a shark's tooth, often times the biggest danger is not the wound, but the claw acting like an inverted funnel, holding the wound open, or shattering within the wound

Fur patterns: No two hounds look alike, not even if we cloned them, would they look alike.
Often ranging from a mono-coat to a tricoat, being thickness and color

Capabilities: Most hounds are capable of jumping a distance of up to 7 feet horizontally, three feet vertically, they are rather fast, running faster than a mark seven battle tank, clocking in at over 72.5 KPH.

Mentality: Often times they will not care if you "pet" them, if you ever find yourself in a nest that is.
they share a collective conscience with each-other, often-times coordinating multi-pronged assaults on fortifications, or systematically finding and destroying "marked" targets
Sub-note: See entry 00130: The Hive Nests
they will attack you without number, they will not care if the hound next to them topples to the ground because of a head-shot, There are no "leaders" in a hound attack, only hounds.

---See entry 00111 for Mutations---
-warning, viewing of the material below will result in death by the UAKF-Elite guard-

Order 009231: All UAKF warships are to disdain from entering or approaching said planet, failure to do so will result in immediate termination

my hounds

Sex: Male
Weight; 140
Claw length: 2.5 inches
Fur pattern: "dusty" white coat, with two glowing patterns extending from the front claws, to the rear claws, converging approximately half-way over the spinal chord, it glows in the same pattern as his coat

Sex: female
Weight: 160
Claw Length: 3 inches
Fur pattern: Pumpkin orange with streaks of lighter orange flowing though it, glowing patterns identical to dusty, some minute differences, also glowing in the same pattern as her fur
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Lariiah Dragonmirov: entry 00129
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