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 Shado's Memories: Log # 00131

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PostSubject: Shado's Memories: Log # 00131   Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:39 pm

Shado's Memories
Log #: 00131


"What...What are those bugs...what are...they doing to me..."
Those are the last words I remember before falling unconscious. When I woke up, the first thing I notice was hearing them... Yes, I could hear the Hive talking. The next thing I noticed was that I was trapped, Trapped in a cocoon. I instantly knew why. The Drones put me in it, to change me, to evolve me. Breaking out was as easy as sliding my claw along the wall of the cocoon. When I got out, that’s when I saw her. My queen. I was happy. Lariiah was standing on her own, the Great Queen had fixed her nicely thought her scales were still reforming. But at the time I didn't notice, I was just glad to see her. My daughter, Aura, had been left alone, which was good, for me at least. Shakya on the other hand, she was changed, more mature. After that I noticed. I had scales. I didn't just hear them, I was part of them. I noticed something afterward. It started with my fur growing back. At first I just placed it aside. When i got back on the ship I noticed. I could alter my body, shape it, and modify it with my own will. It’s still limited but...you should see what I can do. It seems that...I can adapt to any environment easily. You wonder what I am. I'm a hunter, a Dire Hound, and I'm the only one.

Dire Hound: They look like wolves with Drakio scales. The fur grows between the scales, hiding them but keeping their pattern. The scales are thick and hard, nearing the hardest nanosteel at times. Its running speed can go up to 200kmph and more. Like all hounds, they are different from one another, mostly by fur coloration and scale pattern but sometimes a lone Dire Hound has evolved differently from a pack, in which their form are the same. Its hard to give them a more descriptive form as the varies at will. Luckily, they can't look like another creature or race, at least not fully. There is only one know in existence.
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Shado's Memories: Log # 00131
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