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 Mecha Creation Template

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PostSubject: Mecha Creation Template   Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:41 pm

Mecha name:

Mecha type: (This can range from simple battle suits [known as Muscle tracers] to hulking behemoths [known as Mechanized Units])

Class: (ie: close quarters, artiliary support, sniper support, meduim range, missile support, etc.)

Energy capacity: (Low-Medium-High)

Speed: (Slow-Medium-Fast)

Agility/Mobility: (Minimal-Manuverable-Acrobatic)

Weight: (Light-Normal-Heavy)

Main armaments:

Right Hand:
Left Hand:
Right Back:
Left Back:
Shoulder Extensions: [ie: countermeasure flares, Radar jammer, etc.]
Hanger: [Small compartment weapon, usually a blade or a pistol]

Description: (Be sure to include everything from leg type [ie reverse joint, normal joint, quadraped, tank treds etc], to colour scheme, to armor features, to cockpit details. A simple picture would suffice as well as a reference)

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PostSubject: Re: Mecha Creation Template   Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:54 pm


A mechanical unit's arsenal is pivital for one to achieve victory. Select your unit's weapons wisely.

1) One may only pick from four of the following weapons, you may chooses more that one of the same weapon.
2) If you pilot a larger mechanized unit, you may pick two more small weapons for storage. [Pistols, pulse cannon, laser blade]

Arm Weapons:

Standard Rifle:
Basic solid-shell rifles with adverage performance specs. They tend to be well-rounded, but they often lack some of the higher performance specifications of other Rifle types. Ammo count generally tends to be average, with average damage dealing features. Just because they are average, however, does not mean they should be underestimated.

Assault Rifle:
A hybrid of Rifles and Machine Guns, the Assault Rifle class has respectable power and a higher rate of fire than Standard Rifles (although they are still slower than Machine Guns). However, the size of the rounds they use limits their magazine capacity; this, coupled with their high rate of fire, tends to cause ammunition shortages in battle.

Machine Gun:
A standard, medium weight machine gun that fires medium caliber shells that pepper enemy mechs with a hail of hot metal. Ammo capacity is large, and rate of fire is high. The attack power is low however, and energy shields can easily counter this type of weapon.

A standard, light weight pistol that fires large caliber shells, it is used mostly as a back up weapon for mechs that have storage capabilities. Ammo capacity is low, but rate of fire can be high, and the damage rivals that of a rifle. Energy shields act as a effective counter measure, but can not withstand an attach from such a weapon for long.

Sniper Rifle [Also come in back mounted varient]:
Sniper Rifles are very slow and heavy, but their range is nearly unmatched and they pack quite a punch. Because of their slow rate of fire and slow aiming, they are not suitable for close-range fighting. Sniper Rifles come in Solid-Shell and Energy Based versions.

Linear Rifle [Also come in back mounted varient]:
Linear Rifles are shell-based weapons that fire high-mass depleted uranium slugs at high speeds. Although their firing rate is slightly slower than Standard Rifles, and they carry less ammunition, they more than make up for it with above adverage power and stun capability. Their largest drawbacks could be their weight and energy consumption when equiped.

A close range, medium weight shotgun that is most effective durring close quarters combat. The shotgun is rivaled only to that of the laser/metal blades in close quarters combat when it comes to sheer firepower. Ammo capacity is medium, as is rate of fire. Energy shields are recomended to deal with shuch a devistating weapon, but they wont last long against it's onslaught.

Pulse Cannon:
A standard energy pistol, it whithers away enemy armor gradualy with every blast. Expected damage is low, but rate of fire is high, and its energy consumption is low. It can be stored away in larger mechanized units.

Laser Rifle:
A medium to high powered laser rifle, able to high massive damage on shields and moderate damage on the hull. Has a rather low rate of fire, and its energy consumption is medium. Most effective durring meduim range combat, its hull damage compaired to that of a regular solid firing rifle is lower.

Grenade Rifle:
Grenade Rifles are portable versions of the Grenade Cannon that are primarily designed to crack MU's. This makes them weaker for long duration missions as they frequently have a lack of ammo. They are however the most powerful of the rifle family.

Plasma Rifles:
Plasma Rifles are portible varient of the Plasma Cannon. They are extremely powerful, and can almost match the power of a Grenade Rifle. They lack the ammo capacity needed for long missions, and require a large amount of energy to fire.

Rocket Launcher/Bazooka:
A large explosive rocket that is shot out of a cannon like gun and into a enemy. The rockets are unguided, but move fast and hit hard. They can cause large amounts of damage, and can not be intercepted by anti missile lasers. Ammo capacity is limited, and rate of fire is low.

Laser Blade:
A very powerful close ranged energy weapon, with a very high capacity for carnage. When activated, a powerful stream of energy emits from the blade, which is able to cut through the most armor and induce heavy damage on shields. The Laser Blade is unique in that it lasts for barely a second when activated, only long enough for an MU to make a sweeping striking, and fading almost immediately. All Laser Blades operate in this manner no matter how strong or weak they are.
[Note: It is rumored that Artemis Arms has developed a new type of blade that stays active for much longer, however sacrifices weapon power, making for a much more maluable blade that si able to perform successive strikes on a target. This is just a rumor, however.]

Metal Blade:
A close ranged back up weapon. It is a cheaper alternative to a laser blade, but has been mostly phased out by its more popular laser counter part. In terms of use they are much more reliable and less complicated, fairly inexpensive as well. Rookie MU pilots are known to use these blade models much more than their more experienced counterparts.

Back Weapons:

Missile Launcher:
A long range missile launcher that can fire a variety of missiles [such as: Regular Homing, Fast Tracking, High Speed, Large Missiles, and Cluster Missiles]. It can devistate a mechanized unit with a singal volley, but ammo capacity is limited. Missiles can be rediredcted using Anti-Missile Flares, as well as shot down by laser defence systems.

Grenade Cannon [mechs only]:
One of the most devistating weapons ever used my a mechanized unit. Its large explosive rounds can devistate a area of around 10 to 20 meters in diameter, and a direct impact from such a round withoug shields would mean almost instant destruction. Ammo capacity is very limited, and rate of rate of fire is low.

Plasma Cannon [mechs only]:
Plasma Cannons are energy-based weapons that fire bolts of superheated, highly concentrated plasma suspended in a magnetic field. Their attack power is fearsome, and they can also cause great amounts of thermal stress when they hit a target; a single hit could rocket an MU's core temperature well over 500 degrees Celsius. The blast itself is slow moving compaired to other weapons, and can easily be avoided. Energy usage is high, and rate of rate of fire is low.

Railgun [mechs only]:
Special weapons that briefly charge up energy before magnetically launching long-range slugs that explode on impact. Their blast delay makes them ideal sniper weapons, requiring precision to use effectively. They have a low ammo count, and take energy to fire, however they are very powerful and extremely dangerous in the hands of a experienced sniper.

Slug Cannon [mechs only]:
A large shotgun like weapon, except it's capacity for destruction is much higher. Has a low ammo capacity and a medium rate of fire. Not much can stop the hail of metal shrapnel that emits from the barrel of this weapon, and engaging in close combat with a mechanized unit with such a weapon is illadvised.

Laser Cannon [mechs only, back weapon only]:
Laser Cannons are typicaly mounted on the shoulder/back. Scaled up Laser Rifles, the laser cannon is a high-output energy cannon that releases thick beams of energy with explosive power, exceeding the power of linear guns, though it does not possess the same destructive ability as a Grenade Cannon; Laser Cannons serve as the more ammunition-efficient version alternative to said Grenade Cannon. \

Chain Gun:
Much like a machine gun, however with a bigger punch and higher ammo capacity. They can tear down anything in their path, especialy at close range where they are the most effective. They are heavy however, and due to their high rate of fire they tend to run out of ammo very quickly despite their high ammo capacity.

Orbit weaponry [mechs only, back weapon only]:
Orbit weapons are remote weaponry that "orbits" in the air and fire autonomously at any target within range, able to provide support for the MU deploying it. Weapons that the platform can use are varied, also can use portible shield devices which can provide extra shield protection. With the exception of the portible shield orbit, the other remote devices are unshielded, and can be easily destroyed by hostile MU's. Generally Orbits are attached to the core of a MU, and will not allow these units to use their Over-Drive Boost unless they use up the back weapon slots.

Booster Extentions:
Booster extensions are large mounted thrusters that can propel a fast MU's or MT's to unbelievable speeds, allowing it to perform much more complex and drastic manuvers. The main draw back is the weight of the unit baring such devices has to be low in order for them to have a significant inpact on its speed. A heavier unit for example will not benifit as much from equiping these as a lighter unit would. Booster extensions require large amounts of energy to opperate, and the lighter MT units benefit more from such a device that a MU due to their overall weight and size.

Exotic Particle Cannon:
A devistating weapon, utilizing unstable and hazardous technology. By creating hightly charged and
irratic exotic particles and launching them at the enemy, one could literaly "melt" though a mechanized unit, or anything else for that matter.

WARNING!: Exotic partical technology is down right banned due its devistating effects on the environments it is used, its radioactive fallout deadly to all living things. Anyone possesing such technology will be punished severly.

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PostSubject: Re: Mecha Creation Template   Sun Mar 13, 2011 7:59 pm

Mecha name: Drago

Mecha type: MU

Class: Close Quarters

Energy capacity: High

Speed: Fast

Agility/Mobility: Acrobatic

Weight: Light

Main armaments:

Right Hand: Low Powered Laser Blade
Left Hand: Low Powered Laser Blade
Right Back: Low Powered Laser Orbital Cannon
Left Back: Low Powered Laser Orbital Cannon
Shoulder Extensions: PA Molders
Hanger: None

Description: It looks a lot like a Dragon, hence the name Drago. Its legs are bended in a way that allows faster yet more precise steps and better overall stability on different terrain, the 'toes' able to be placed at different angles [Reverse joint legs.]. The positions and joints of the legs also allows the MU to jump higher and fathers without needing too much of the boosters. The tail acts as an advanced stabilizer during high speed maneuvers, its mobility allows better precisions in maneuvers, especially Arial ones since it goes at high speed. Its head is mounted on a small neck, mostly for the look, but this also allows for more tools to be stuffed into it, mainly advance radars and tracking systems to give the pilot a quicker and farther view of its surroundings. The head itself is dragon like in look. The wings that hold the orbital cannons contain the flight boosters and may allow it to glide for some time before it lands. They also act as stabilizer for some maneuvers. The arms are flexible, able to use the blades in various ways, allowing for quicker hits or more precision when needed. The mobility of the arms allows the MU to hit almost anywere around its imidiate area. The orbital cannons usualy serve to take down short range and weaker units, picking out were the blades can't. There are four in total, two per wings. The outside armor resembles a dragon's torso were the wings, tails, arms, legs and head attach to form a humanoid dragon figure. It also holds the generator, cooling systems and other nessities, mostly placed in the back of the MU while the cockpit reaides in the front. The inside of the cockpit is vast, enough for two people to be at ease and has multiple screens and tools to allow many readings to come in at once.

[More Details-->] http://castlerp.forumsmotion.com/t110-mech-design

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PostSubject: Re: Mecha Creation Template   Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:00 pm

Mech name: Order Knight (Short; Oak)

Mecha type: Mechanized Unit

Class: Assault

Energy capacity: High

Speed: Moderate

Agility/Mobility: Highly Maneuverable

Weight: Normal

Main armaments: Notice: Listed armament is standard for Order Knight. Certain operations call for different loadouts and will be noted.

Right Hand: Karasawa Mk. V Laser Rifle; The Karasawa is a powerful experimental rifle produced some time ago by Mirage, in its Mk. II form. The Mk. V is an advancement upon this with increased fire power, rate of fire, range, and increased power capacity for additional ammunition. Consequentially, it has a heavier drain on power resources.
Left Hand: GL-56-H Grenade Launcher; A comparatively light-weight weapon designed to be used in the off-hand, it fires high explosive grenades with a wide blast radius. The explosives are specifically designed to cause more heat damage than hull damage, causing over-heating. The drawbacks are a limited supply of ammunition, and a short range, meaning that enemies have to be in the 'sweet spot' between max/min range.
Right & Left Back: ML-200 Missile Launchers; The ML-200 is a pair of linked missile launchers on the back of the mech that fire a swarm of twenty missiles each to home in on targets (up to ten.) They are classified as small missiles, however the sheer number of them and the impact velocity they hit with can stun small to medium sized mechs, or poorly stabilized larger mechs. It is best used in wide open areas or against flying opponents.
Shoulder Extensions: AMS-50L Laser Anti-Missile System; Due to the increased weight of ammunition and the cost of missile defense systems, the AMS-50L was designed as a precision device to shoot down incoming missiles. While it has a moderate recharge time between shots, it rarely misses the target.
Hanger: LS-550 Laser Sword (Left arm); Built to specifications, the LS-550 was designed from the ground up to be a desperation backup weapon. It has a long range for an energy blade, and does a great deal of damage, but due to its smaller module size it must take a great deal of energy from onboard power, which makes it useful for breaking out of a tight corner, but not suited to prolonged combat.

Description: The Oak as it is called in short is a moderate sized MU. It has long legs of standard size, and similar arms, with a light core. It is very smooth, almost looking inhuman in design, having very little in the way of angular corners and other such projections, and instead flowing smoothly. The core is pointed in the middle as if it were taken from a jet fighter of some kind, while the head is narrow and triangular.

The unit has a large booster package; in addition to standard high-power-low-drain boosters, it has a pair of wings that protect much of its backside, as well as including additional boost systems. The wings are fixed position and do not have any additional function aside from balancing the unit, and look similar to a split cape. Additional stabilizers are present on the wrists, jutting down like a pair of blades, and also on the chest, where two sets of large ornamental ribbons are crafted.

The color scheme of the Oak changes depending on the area of operation for the unit, but in general it is seen to either be in pattern of silver with blue markings here and there, primarily in stripes on the arms, legs, and wings, or else pitch black with the same dark blue markings. Other observed color schemes are largely camouflage for different combat zones.

Additional Details: Order Knight and its pilot, Gentle Shine, are often seen working with the lesser corporations and occasionally even rebel organizations. They have been seen working for larger corporations as well however, and so is considered to be largely a mercenary. Order Knight is currently the sole member of the organization known only as the Nalinathrian Legionnaires.
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PostSubject: Re: Mecha Creation Template   Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:11 pm

Mecha Name: Orchestra

Mecha Type: Light Mechanized Unit

Class: Sniper Support

Energy Capacity: Medium

Speed: Medium

Mobility: Manuverable

Weight: Normal

Main Armaments: Customized Railgun: Blade Chord
Right Hand: N/A
Left Hand: Metal Blade
Right Back: N/A
Left Back: N/A
Shoulder Extensions:Countermeasures
Hangar: N/A

Descript: A smaller version of the hulking Mechanized Units, it is Teal in color with Red painted joints. It carries a Railgun, known as the "Blade Chord," capable of taking out targets from a few kilometers away. As a back up weapon, a metallic blade, red in color, can be unsheathed from the left forearm. The exact height is around 6 meters tall. It's boosters take the majority of space on the back. On the front, it sports an insignia of Apex Font.



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PostSubject: Re: Mecha Creation Template   Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:19 pm

Weapon database has been updated, refer to the weapons section for more-... Er... Weapons. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Mecha Creation Template   Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:10 am

Name: Long Shot Alpha
Class: Specialized Tank Hunter/Super-heavy Hunter
Type: Mechanized Unit

Energy Capacity: High
Estimated Boost Time: 45 Seconds
Speed: average
agility: Low
Maneuverability: Average
Weight: Heavy
Coolant Capacity: High
Weapons List: -note, some are subject to swapping-

Right+Left Primary Armaments: Mirage Manufactured GAST(assault Rifle)
Damage: Moderate
Heat: high
Ammunition: Solid round
Ammo: 200
Range: moderate

Hangar Weapons:

Damage: Low
Heat: moderate
Ammunition: Solid Round
Range: Short

CR-Wl88lB3: High Powered Laser Blade, Only used in Close quarters, or in the rare event of Complete Ammunition Discharge
Damage: Devastating
Heat: High

Back Weapons:
CR-WB87LG: Crest Manufactured Solid-Round Linear gun
Damage: High
Ammo: 75
range: long

Shoulder Extension: None
Internally Mounted Weapons: none
Radar: short Ranged
Optics: Non-standard; Night vision, Heat signature
Leg-Type: Bi-Pedal; Sub-class Heavy
Core-type: Standard, Hangar bay, Heavy
Arm-type: Heavy, balanced blade aptitude and accuracy
Head: Equipped with modified optics and enhanced Radar System, Along with improved Targeting systems

Energy Demand: Medium
thrust: High
Heat: medium
Flight Time: 45 seconds

Color: Light orange for the main color, Beige for the accents, Black for joints and detail, golden yellow For Lights and floodlights, Black paint on all Weapons
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PostSubject: Re: Mecha Creation Template   Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:01 pm

Mecha name: Angel Moon
Mecha type: Mechanized Unit
Class: Multi-Range
Energy capacity: Medium
Speed: Fast
Agility/Mobility: Manuverable
Weight: Light

Main armaments:
Right Hand: AR 0700 Assault Rifle - A automatic assault rifle, with a bladed end. Mostly used as a close range assault weapon in conjunction with another assault rifle, a machine gun, or a blade.

Left Hand: 07-MOONLIGHT Laser Blade - The 07 moonlight is the most powerful energy blade in existance. Produced by Rayleonard, several prototypes were tested by Rayleonard pilots befor the actual article was made. Whether this is the genuine article or a simple prototype is unclear, however its enormous potential for carnage is clear. The main drawback of this weapon is its large power usage.

Right Back: HLC09 ACRUX Hi Laser Cannon - Dubbed, "The Claymore" due to its long sword like apperance when folded behind the back of a MU, this powerful hi-laser cannon is a product of the company Interior Union, a minor company known for making quality energy based weaponry. The Acrux is one of their more powerful laser cannons, however it suffers from limited ammo and high power consumption.

Left Back: POPLAR01 High Act Missile Launcher - Launches a volley of four highly manuverable missiles that, with time, close in on their target and explode on impact. These missiles, while offereing better tracking, are slightly slower than normal missiles, and are slightly less powerful.

Shoulder Extensions: 063ANEM ECM Maker - A ECM extension that launches devices onto a solid surface that scrambles radar signals, allowing MU's to take advantage of units that heavily rely on radar to aquire and track their targets.

Hanger: None


Description: The MU is sleek and agile looking, with thin appendages, covered in sharp angled plating and protruding edges that are both aero-dynamic and capable of deflecting projectiles. The whole body resembles a Omer LAHIRE type design, a design very rare on its own right, however there are noticeable differences that make one wonder if this is some sort of prototype model, or a new version of the design. Much like the LAHIRE model, the core design, along with the shoulder's of the arms, resembles much like some sort of jet, with the base connecting the head sunken in slightly, with a "folded leaf" head like design that matches the contours of the core. The shoulder's of the arms, along with the arm connections form the core, resemble wings, straight and angled down making a shallow slope with a flat surface facing down toward the front of the MU. The front point of the core is long and curved inward to a point, the remaining body beneath concave and curving inward to the base of the hip while maintaining its forward most vertical edge. The similarities end however at the legs. Unlike the LAHIRE model, this model's legs are much smoother and look slightly more armored without the hard angles and sharp edges the LAHIRE is known for. The thighs of this model are longer and armored, and are flush with the crus of the leg (the portion between the ankle and the knee) when standing straight in comparison to the exposed thigh and the tall, edged crus of the LAHIRE. The feet remain the same some what, with long pointed toes, but with a much more stable series of heel's. Also gone from this design, are the massive oversized boosters on the back of the core, which have been replaces with much more manageable sized boosters embedded into the back of the core. While the LAHIRE takes things to the extreme in a sense, this design seems more safer and stable. This design allows for a bigger generator, heavier weaponry, greater stability, more armor, and a larger shield generator, all while retaining some of the speed and mobility the LAHIRE is known for.

The LAHIRE model MU. complete with the AR 0700 Assault rifle on its right hand.
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PostSubject: ChaosBlader: Legion   Sat Mar 17, 2012 5:43 am

Mecha name: Legion

Mecha type: Mechanized Unit

Class: Assault

Energy capacity: Very High

Speed: Moderate

Agility/Mobility: Maneuverable

Weight: Normal

Main armaments:
Right Hand: APLAR V Rifle – Developed by Rayleonard, the APLAR V Rifle is a hybrid between the Assault Rifle and the Laser Rifle. In contrast to other Assault Rifles that run on ammunition, the APLAR V instead utilizes energy and lasers, similar to the Laser Rifle. Running on energy has allowed for the APLAR V to not suffer from the ammunition shortages that often plague most Assault Rifles, albeit there are drawbacks. The APLAR V often draws quite a bit of energy, more than a typical Laser Rifle, restricting effective usage of this weapon to Mechas with higher-powered energy cores. Despite this, the APLAR V performs exceedingly well, and has advantages of both Assault Rifles and Laser Rifles. The APLAR V deals slightly above-average damage to both Hulls and Energy Shields, although the APLAR V is a permanently autofire weapon, with no single fire option whatsoever.

Left Hand: L5X Laser Blade- A powerful device developed by Light Industries, the L5X’s is most prominently known for its efficiency and reliability. The L5X emits a respectably powerful beam of laser, strong enough to compare to the likes of newer models even in the present day. Despite how powerful the L5X is however, its energy consumption is in fact surprisingly low. Having been tweaked and edited by Light Industries as time passed, the current L5X is presently one of the most reliable and efficient Laser Blades on the market.

Right Back: M150-HAMMER Missile Launcher Mark II(A) – The HAMMER Missile Launcher, developed by Rayleonard, is an incredibly diverse Missile Launcher. Equipped to be able to wield almost any Missile in existence, any wielder of the HAMMER is certain to be prepared. With the addition of an advanced targeting computer and high firepower, the HAMMER is certainly an excellent weapon to carry into battle, although quite expensive. The Mark II version of the M150-HAMMER improves all of the previous factors, including an increased missile capacity, firepower, and targeting computer accuracy. The modified version of the Mark II, the Mark II(A), increases missile capacity at a slight increase to reload time, allowing for a Mechanized Unit to last far longer in a sustained firefight.

Left Back: G16-Executor Series Slug Cannon – The Executor Series Slug Cannon— co-developed by FenCorp and Rayleonard— is a relatively new, but indisputably powerful device. Created with the intention of increasing standard Slug Cannon ammunition capacity while retaining the immense firepower, the Executor has received mostly positive reviews as of yet. Although it suffers from an increased reload time, the Executor contains several advantages that more than make up for it. One of these such advantages is a far increased ammunition capacity, allowing for longer sustained missions. Not only that, but the weapon is equipped with a targeting computer, allowing for increased accuracy in both short and medium ranges. Perhaps the Executor’s greatest advantage is in it design, of which incorporated the intention of being able to utilize a wide variety of specialized ammunition types, from armor-piercing, to even incendiary.

Shoulder Extensions: DX-4000B “Eagle” Series Anti-Air Point-Blank Laser Defense System - Developed by Aratek Armaments, the DX-4000 series of laser defense systems was designed to be far more efficient in terms of energy conservation than others. Although it suffered from a relatively low damage output, extensive field tests proved that the DX-4000s were able to fire consistently for longer periods of time. The modified version, the DX-4000B, had improved its predecessor with a higher rate of fire. This drastically increased the damage the DX-4000B could deal, although with the drawback of a slight increase in energy consumption. The DX-4000s have also been known to be dubbed “Eagles” for their extensive precision and accuracy.

Hanger: PR-2000D “Titan” Series Pulse Cannon – Developed by Aratek Armaments, the PR-2000 Series of Pulse Cannon is of unique design. The primary distinctive feature of the PR-2000 Pulse Cannons is of its specialization, in that the PR-2000 was specially designed to deal with Energy Shields. The weapon rivals a Laser Rifle in Energy Shield damage, albeit with several drawbacks. These drawbacks include an increased energy consumption rate and reduced damage to hull, due to the specialized equipment necessary for such potent Shield damage. The modified version of the Titan, the PR-2000D, adds additional damage to Energy Shielding at only a .76% increase in energy consumption.

N16C Judgment Series Pistol – The N16 Judgement Series Pistol, developed by Devlon Industries, was designed to increase the overall efficiency of the pistol. The N16 Judgement Series most prominently features an upgraded ammo capacity and variable ammunition. To elaborate, the N16 Judgement Series hold an increased ammo capacity in comparison to other pistols, and has been upgraded to utilize multiple types of ammunition. As a consequence however, rate of fire has been decreased to that of moderate levels. The modified version of the N16, the N16C Judgment Series, has increased both rate of fire and damage dealt, with the drawback being a slight decrease in ammunition capacity and an increase in weapon weight.

Description: The Vengeance Class Assault Mecha is a prototype Mechanized Unit. With a base chassis developed by the late Eureka! Corp., much of the adjustments and primary editing was done by Rayleonard. It was developed in an effort to create a model frontline MU— Maneuverable, Indomitable, and Powerful. The Vengeance Mecha itself has a relatively humanoid shape, with a cockpit near the center of the Mechanized Unit.

By Design, the Vengeance Assault Mecha itself is incredibly variable; its designers kept modulation and variation in mind while developing the Vengeance Mecha, allowing for one of the single most customizable Mechanized Units in existence.

This particular Vengeance Assault Mecha is equipped with the prototype Silaris Armor, developed by none other than Rayleonard. The intention of the Silaris Project was to create an armor that matched those of heavy assault mechas, yet was far lighter and allowed for far more mobility. Thus far, Rayleonard has succeeded in its task. The Silaris Armor —although in prototype stages— is still perhaps one of the more effective armors ever created. The armor is constantly powered by energy, a drawback that reduces its usage to high-energy Mechas, but nonetheless makes up for it in incredible advantages. Such advantages include a strength and durability far superior to those of its weight class, yet retains a weight as light as that of a normal MU.

Another of the Vengeance Mecha’s defensive systems includes the Cipritine Energy Shield, manufactured by Rayleonard. The Cipritine Energy Shield itself was developed by Light Industries to equip assault MU’s with a powerful energy shield that had a relatively low energy consumption. The project failed however, only producing an assault energy shield balanced by an equally high energy consumption. Light Industries soon abandoned this model, and production of the Cipritine Energy Shield stopped. That was until Rayleonard later picked up upon the project, seeking to improve it. The original design of the Cipritine was actually quite ingenious; unfortunately however the Cipritine included many design flaws. As such, Rayleonard fixed these flaws, and with it produced the Cipritine Energy Shield Mark II. The Cirpritine Energy Shield Mark II succeeded where its predecessor had not; it included a powerful assault shield with an energy consumption one would typically find on normal MU’s, drastically increasing the efficiency of the Cipritine. Although the Cipritine Mk.II has only been recently placed on the market, this particular Vengeance Assault Mecha is already equipped with it.

As one may have noticed, this Vengeance Assault Mecha often uses a high amount of energy consumption. To produce such high amounts of energy in a consistent manner, this particular Vengeance Assault Mecha equipped a powerful Tantalus Energy Core. The Tantalus Drive Core, developed by Valor Inc., is arguably the most popular Energy Core in existence. Although only a recently completed model, the Tantalus Energy Core has already been compared to the best Energy Cores in the present, showing just how much potential the Tantalus contains. Although the size of the core itself is not the largest, one should not underestimate its power from appearances. The Tantalus is incredibly efficient for its size and weight, producing more energy than several standard power cores together. Altogether, the Tantalus, although not released to the public as of yet, is expected to quickly become one of the most expensive and top rated Energy Cores once it does.

In addition to the already impressive systems this prototype Vengeance Assault Mecha contains, the Mecha is also equipped with specialized Argus Boosters. The Argus Boosters, developed by FenCorp., have already been in circulation for quite some time. Originally developed to provide reliable, high-speed travel for ordinary MUs whilst retaining a low energy consumption, they were later modified by Rayleonard. This modified version of the Argus Boosters took the design of the original Argus, and simply made it faster. As a drawback the energy consumption has increased however, although not by an incredibly significant amount.

General Design of the Vengeance Class Assault Mecha-
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Mecha Creation Template
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