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 Nerai: Black Drakio

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PostSubject: Nerai: Black Drakio   Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:18 pm

Name: Nerai Bashlek Desssta
Physical Attributes/figure:

He is a rather large Black Drakio, well endowed, but he is quite tall,
Standing at almost ten feet, nine Feet Five inches to be exact. His Tail
is about 9.25 feet long, starting at 12 inches 'round at the base,
Tapering down losing about an eighth (0.125)of an inch in thickness per inch, ending in a Rather sharp tip.

His legs are powerfully built, obviously supporting his own weight
and whatever he carries, his muscles sculpted beneath his flowing black
scales, his legs bend in a more draconic fashion, having a knee, then
an elongated ankle, however, his feet have five talons, rather than four
on the foot, and a vestigial claw halfway up the hind leg, the Talons
easily measuring 3 inches long, they are a pitch black, rather than a
muddy brown or pearl white.

His hips are wide, his upper thighs
thick, one could still clearly define most if not all muscles on his
legs. His back is rather flat, bearing some scars near his lower back,
the muscles bulge out partway up his lower back, Conversing at the base
of his wings, His shoulders are also rippled with easily identifiable

His wings are 9 feet on either side, Folding at the
first 6 feet, then foot and a half, then again at the same length, They
are great wings, built for flight and defense, Long ribbings extend
down the thin membrane that allows this flight, 3 at 2 foot intervals on
the main "elbow" then one at the two 1.5ft joints and between, while
the last half foot being bare, the wings are 6ft tall, from leading
edge, to the trailing edge, about 1ft thick at its thickest, millimeters
at its thinnest.

His arms are also heavily built, like his
legs, his muscles are identifiable beneath his scales, easily reaching
to his hips, or about 3 to 4 feet long.
His hands are rather
menacing, Five digits, all similar to a humans, just scaled up to meet
his massive frame, each finger ending in a talon, easily a half inch
long. His Fingers are: 3 inches (Pinky) 5 inches (ring) 7 inches
(middle) 5 Inches (Index) and 4 inches(thumb). His hands are easily 10
inches across at its thickest, the five tendons branching from his wrist
are rather prominent, due to the lack of fat on his hands, let alone
anywhere else on his body.

His head is more draconic, His
eyes are almond shaped, and fit with his large head, his eyes being
similar to a reptile's or a snake's eyes.
the slit being dark, one
could swear they could feel him looking into their soul. The rest of the
eye is an emerald green, a distorted starburst pattern radiating from
the slit-like pupil. at times of sorrow or compassion, the slits widen
and broaden to that of a humans, though softer in appearance, you can
still fell him looking into your soul, or your thoughts.

He has Black Dreadlocks sprouting from his scalp, carefully braided, though
its un-known if he does it or if someone with finer hands does it for
him. his horns are swept back, in line with his narrow, arrowhead shaped
skull, His ears being nothing more than pores below what look like to
be a second set of horns, extending farther back. His horns, like his
talons, are a matte black, compared to the shiny, Metallic black that
his scales have. his neck is smooth, unlike the rolling muscles on the
rest of his body, though one could see their power if they watched him

His teeth being pearly white, almost perfect despite their
sharp and dangerous appearance, his lips, are more human like, though
they dont curl, at the tip of his jawline, is where they occasionally
curl, being the more naturally fitting location, easily 3 inches from
the back of his mouth is where his lips open up, though he usually talks
softly, and doesn't need to open his gaping maw. His Tongue being long
and snakelike, about 9 inches long, splitting about 2.5 inches from the


He may seem big bad and dangerous but there is more to him than his appearance, He has a soft, Loving heart for all things living, though if you make a threat to his life, or someone he cares for, Don't expect to live very long.
He spends a large part of his day practicing and maintaining his musclebound figure, Or doing one of his many hobbies(varies by era, theme and co theme(if applicable))

Though some run from him, thinking he's a beast, once you get to know him, its kind of hard to not talk to him, Taking in peoples complaints and often trying to help, though sometimes he mis-understands, but if it comes to taking a persons life with out them threatening his own, or using empty, hateful threats, he doesn't act.

He'd like to find a mate some day, but he is in by no means a rush, The eldest in his family being over ten thousand years old, and very active. one of his dreams is to have a brood with someone who understands him, is beautiful and smart, cunning is a side benefit.

Personal entry: well... Its day one in the new research station, hopefully the Troopers here understand the sensitivity of the research being preformed here, id rather not have to haul a corpse or two to the Lava lakes, Or to the queen nearby, whos been more than kind enough to allow us to be here... lets just hope the xenophobics dont go crazy on this rock...
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Nerai: Black Drakio
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