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 Estelle Bright [Forum RP Character]

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PostSubject: Estelle Bright [Forum RP Character]   Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:38 pm

Name : Estelle 'Aileen' Bright [Aileen, being her 'True Name']
Nickname: Star
Race: Human Female/Druid
Age: 19 years and 3 months
Height : 5'6"
Weight : 123 pounds

Physical Features[Face]:

While she wasn't the prettiest girl at the festival, she was definitely considered a rather cute one with her soft facial features. Her mysterious eyes were wide and emerald green in colour, with thin and curved eyebrows perched on top of her smooth brow, and a small curved nose between the eyes. Her cheeks were smooth and round, with a curved flowing jaw line, and a small mouth with a pair of smiling glossy lips. Hair wise she kept it simple, with a long shoulder length pony tail for her fine straight silver hair. It was kept up from the back of her head using a small, thin red ribbon which dangled down half the length of her pony tail.

Physical Features[Body]:

Body wise, she could be considered average in her build. She wasn't necessarily strong, or fast, but she was thin and flexible like a gymnast. Many features would prevent her body from becoming a bony anorexic mess while at the same time add to her above average looks, such as her rounded shoulders bearing , her healthy and firm thighs and calves, and her small but round bust. Her arms were long too with a healthy looking weight and size to them which matched the rest of her body, with long and thin hands which were as flexible as her body. Her more unique features were in her tattoos which consisted of two: one large one on the mid of her back and another small one on her right shoulder. Her shoulder tattoo was that of a top down view of a group of leaves, arranged in the style of a blooming flower. The leaves themselves were exquisite in their detail, showing every netted vein and serrated blade along the curve of the spade like shape, which made them practically jump out of the skin as if they were real. The larger tattoo on her back was that of a ancient and warped tree bearing a rather strange and glowing flame shaped fruit. The well shaded and what some could consider 'eerie' tree's roots started at the girls waistline, spreading out and burying themselves and hiding under her skin as the rest of the tree twisted upward and to the left until it reached the branches. The tangling mess of branches reached out from the top of the tree and to the right of the body almost like a hand with hundreds of fingers, free of leaves of any sort of foliage making the appearance of the tree even more gloomy. The exception to this however are the fire fruit dangling from the tips of the dry blanches, glowing brightly with all sorts of hot oranges, reds, and yellows like a raging candle wick. Clothing wise she dressed simple with a casual pair of blue jeans with a leaf green short sleeved T-shirt with a pair of comfortable looking Velcro sandals over her bare feet.

[For those who need help picturing the tattoo on her back, I based it off of this: [url=http://favoritetattoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/tree023.jpg]http://favoritetattoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/tree023.jpg[/url] }

Background: Estelle and her family, the "Brights", come from a long line of druids dating back to the rule of Uther Pendragon. Her family is well known through out the realm of Fae and wizards for being one gifted with powerful magic. Being well endowed in magic however does come with its fair share of enemies, as many wizard hating Fae believe they are a threat, and are much too powerful for their own good. The family is also quite large, taking residence within many countries within Europe and in North America. While there are rumours of the druid family still practising dangerous sacrificial magic, these are far from the truth, as their involvement with such primitive and barbaric magic ceased around thirteenth century, at least with Estelle's family and relatives within North America anyway. It is not uncommon for other families of wizards to despise the family as well, for a ancient family can not have survived for so long without wronging another, especially with the amount of political influence they have gained in the recent years within the countries they occupy. While the Brights are involved in many family feuds, Estelle being the rather kind hearted individual that she is rather not get involved in such frivolous affairs, and would rather choose not to get involved.


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Estelle Bright [Forum RP Character]
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