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 Bundle of Characters

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PostSubject: Bundle of Characters   Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:56 pm

Name: Anihe Zenne
Pronunciation: Ah nee hay Zein nay
NickName: Annie
Race: Kitsune
Age: 29 (relavant age of 19)
Gender: Female
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 70
Hair: Pure White
Eyes: Hazel
Skin Color: Pale White, with some flame patterns under fur.
Fur Color: Arctic Fox, Flame Patterned Black fur at hands, feet, and tail
Blood Type: Unknown
Personality: Though she may be short and cute, Anihe doesn't seem to be the friendly type. It's not so much that she is shy so much as that she is simply anti-social. Still, the friends she does make she keeps and protects with a viciousness that rivals the way a hornet protects it's nest. To her friends, she's warm, jokey, and even a little cute. To people who don't know her, she's seems violent and surly. This is usually because she is usually nocturnal, and meeting people during the day for business makes her more than a little... cranky.
Description: Standing at a short 4 feet and three inches, Anihe is cute and cuddly with snow-white fur, black markings, and a long, soft looking tail. If one were to see her naked, they would see that she has fur on her arms and legs, going up to her stomach were it fades away, leaving most of her torso bare. Her face was set in delicate cuteness, with a small nose, large and expressive eyes, thin and highly arched eyebrows, deep set eye sockets, a sharp chin and wide forehead. Her ears were a foxes set of ears, set atop her head, large and movable. Her hair was cut to her jawline, a bit of a pixie cut. Yet, despite the cut, most of her hair seemed to go in it's own directions, messy and uncared for. Her bangs were kept out of her eyes, simply pushed to the side. Her cheeks were cutely round and dimpled. Her lips were thin, yet feminine, and a natural reddish pink. Her neck was thin, with a thick scar that went all the way around, a perfect circle. The scar wasn't jagged, or crooked; it looked as though something circular had laid around her neck for a very long time, chafing to the point of scarring. Her shoulders were thinly set, accenting how thin the rest of her body was. Her fingers were short and thin,
looking particularly dexterous. Her chest was thin in width and depth, looking flexible. Her abdominal were worked into a six-pack, the area over the stomach looking slightly pushed out, as though she was extremely hungry. Her breasts were small, the nipples hard and pointed. Her legs were long in comparison to her chest, making up more than half her height. Her thighs and calves looked well worked into heavy muscles, built for athleticism. Her feet were small and heavily calloused. Her fur was the same as her hair: snow-white. There was, however, one major difference: at her ankles, going up her calves, at the tip of her tail, moving from about halfway up it to the tip, and at her wrists, going up towards her elbow, was black flame patterned fur. Her fur went from her the middle of her triceps and biceps to her wrist, from just below her belly button and the small of her back, where her tail was, to the top of her feet.

Name : Tyne Glitterskin
Nickname(if any) : Copperhead
Race: Naga
Age : 125
Length: 25' 7" (from top of head to tip of tail)
Weight : 886 pounds (766 for the dense snake muscle bones, 120 for human

Physical Features(Face) : Her face is a delicate mix of fey curiosity and plaintive shyness, her auburn hair half-covering her face, only one large yellow topaz eye showing, with cat-eye pupils in place of normal ones. She has a button nose, and tiny cute ears that hid within her finger-length hair, the lobes attached. Her high cheekbones were thinly set, and coupled with her thin chin, soft jawline, and wide forehead, gave her a heart-shaped face, a widow's peak in her hair pushing down into her face. Her eyebrows were thin, and highly arched. Her lips were soft, her lower lip protruding slightly more than her
upper lip, as if giving her a perpetual pout. When she smiled, her dimples appeared, both perfectly placed to seal the image of a cute girl.

Physical Features(Body) : Above the waist, she looked totally normal, though more fit than the average woman Her breasts were small, the tips hard, covered by a bra that had straps going under her arms to connect at her back. Her abdominal muscles were picture perfect, a six-pack easily visible. Her long arms were fit, with almost no flab at all, the biceps and triceps visible when she flexed. Her hands were large for her size, though thin. At her waist though was something rather remarkable: her skin started changing from tanned white to black and brown patterned scales, thin at first, slowly getting thicker the further from her waist it got, until it was at the point of her mid-thigh, where it evened out. She had no legs: instead, she had a long, a very long, snake tail. The scales of the underside of the snake part was alabaster white that changed sharply to black-brown patterns on the more visible part of her scales. At the end of her tail was a prehensile tip, very thin and flexible. Her tail, at it's start, is fourteen inches in diameter that slowly diminished the further along the tail it got, only an inch in diameter a foot away from the very tip of the tail. She was, from the waist down, twenty feet in length. For clothes, she wore the bra, a white short-sleeved shirt, and a black over-shirt with sleeves that came halfway to her elbow. It was v-necked enough to come down to her breasts, though it mainly just showed her white-undershirt, giving her the near illusion of being flat-chested.

Abilities: An Earth-Mage, casts magic like a bender from Avatar (the last airbender), though, considering she doesn't have 'legs', she does it more with her hands.

Name: Ehime Aiko
Pronunciation: Ah mee lee uh Cahr uhn tuhn
Age: 19/Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue-black
Skin Color: Asian - Japanese
Blood Type: B
Description: Traditional; that is the first word in any mind when they see this woman. Perhaps she had wanted to make a statement about herself, or perhaps she had been forced into it, or perhaps she thought it was totally normal, but the Kimono the woman was wearing was old-fashioned. Her raven-hair was pulled back into a bun, with two small bands of dark hair framing her face. Her eyebrows were plucked thin, giving her dark eyes a sort of elegance that was betrayed by the horrible menace hidden within the dark looks she shot around herself. her mouth was set into a tight frown, as if trying to puzzle out some sort of problem, her lips pressed thin, and her wide, angular nose pointing downward. Her ears were half hidden in her hair, but the lower half was small, without a lobe, and close to the skin. Her jawline was angular, with sharp chin, her face blade-thin. Her neck was thin, leading down to a body, disappearing into the traditional dark red kimono. Her bodies shape was indeterminable, but the way the kimono hung made one think her body could easily be thin. Her feet were
covered with socks, the toes split by sandals. Her hands were small, the fingers thin, clenched into fists, showing her emotions easily. At her side was a Katana, set in such a way that it would be easy to draw it. The hilt was not decorated, betraying the fact that the blade was not made for a tender hand, but the calloused hand of a hard fighter. But there was more to this woman than a Kimono and a Katana. Average people could feel the raw power that boiled off her like so much hate, releasing into the atmosphere in bursts like steam. Air wavered around the woman as if she gave off heat, and storm clouds were never far away from this woman, lightning only a few miles away, a paltry distance. There was a sense of control in this woman that went as far as the surface; as in, there was nearly none, past a cork to keep the power from exploding out of her like champagne from a bottle.

Name: Remica Netein
Pronunciation: Ray Mee Kah Ney Tey In
Age: 19/Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 121
Hair: Hot Pink, Spiked, Short
Eyes: Black
Skin Color: Dark Mocha
Blood Type: B
Description: A statement is obviously what the woman had in mind when she had dyed her hair hot pink. Combined with her dark skin color, it drew attention like honey drew flies. It helped that the face and body beneath the hair were attention-getters as well. Her smooth face has arched eyebrows that are the color of obsidian, flat cheekbones, a sharp chin, and small ears. Her dark eyes smolders in their sockets like coal, her long lashes looking as though in danger of catching on fire. Her lips are parted slightly, both full, though the lower slightly more full than the lower, hot-pink lipstick artfully applied.
Her nose is wide, the end slightly upturned, giving away her African American heritage while still giving her an aristocratic look. She wears a haughty expression that mixed with a smirk, her eyes taunting men and women alike, daring them to come near her. She had seven total piercings on her face, a skull in her left lobe and two rings on her left ear, a bar in each eyebrow, and two rings in her right ear. The skull caught the most light, reflecting off it's silver surface, light catching on, or perhaps drawn into, the eye sockets. Her body was thin and tall, slightly athletic, but not worked to perfection. It was the body of a person who casually worked out with a high metabolism. Her breasts were small, but not so small that she could ever possibly be mistaken for a man. It helped that her nipples were constantly hard, and nearly always showing through her shirt. Her hips were thin, with legs that seemed to go on forever. Her hands are small, the short nails painted pink. She wore a tight black shirt that seemed about three sizes too small, as well as a pair of tight black pants. Her shoes were black sandals that came to her mid-calf. Yet despite her minute-attention to her own appearance and arrogance, the feeling a
person got from her was both enticing and frightening.

Name: Kamaein Ikalo
Pronunciation: Kah May Ehn Eeh Kah Lo
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 173
Hair: Caramel Brown with Highlights of Honey and Lowlights of Dark Brown, neck
length, spiked
Eyes: Bright Green
Skin Color: Caucasian
Blood Type: AB-
Description: An aura of power surrounded this man. He looked both matured and young in the same moment, his skin smooth, his eyes ancient, a smirk at his lips. His hair was spiked in a jubilant style, as if to copy the style of Anime hair, mostly covering his forehead, just barely showing his caramel colored eyebrows, and their intense set. His intense eyes showed both a sharp sense of wicked humor, promising a laugh, threatening a prank, as well as betraying ancient wisdom and sadness, as well as anger. They flashed with both impatience of youth, and the intelligence of a genius. His eyelashes were like brown sugar melted into hair filaments, thin, and dark. His nose was short, down-turned slightly, reminiscent of a hawks beak. His cheeks were round with the vigor of life, a dimple at the corner of his mouth, perpetually there in his smirk. His lips were chapped, chewed upon, a scar slipping down the middle of the lip, bisecting his chin, faint with age. His ears, nearly hidden by his long hair, were small, cupped, the lobe attached and nearly gone as well. If his face didn't have such an intense expression, or such a mocking one, perhaps women would call him cute. As it was, his dark, handsome face was attractive, though, perhaps it had less to do with his good looks, and more to do with the raw power that simply exuded from him. He wasn't a small man, but he wasn't a bodybuilder: simply fit, as if he spent his evenings swimming, or his mornings running. His muscles weren't large, but they were there, noticeable: Thin, tall, with hardly an ounce of fat on him, the man wasn't all that imposing. Yet, for some reason, something about him just seemed plain dangerous. The aura coming
from him wasn't evil, but nor was it good, but those weren't qualifiers for how frightening he felt. Standing in front of him and his gaze was like standing on the deep ocean floor, pressure crushing the life-force from the body, and at the same time, holding the body, keeping it in suspension and comforting it. There was little about him that spoke of his humanity.

Name: James Markenson (Jayms Mar ken sohn)
Age: 23
Hair: Ginger
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170
Description: Standing at an average six feet and one inch height, this green eyed red-head has a solemn face, his expression set on neutral, with, perhaps, a slight downturn of the mouth. His hair is short, maybe a quarter of an inch,
a widows peak pushing slightly down in the middle of his forehead. His ears were normally sized, the lobes detached, and was longer than it was wide. His dark green eyes had tiny lines of gold in them, almost like a faint star in his eye. If one looked into his eyes, they would see his pain that he kept bottled up inside, adopting a neutral face over a crying one, a neutral face, if not down-right gloomy face, over a face that showed his pain openly. It was, as some might call it, a Soul-burnt eye. His nose was crooked, broken at least once, but, having been fixed, was at least semi-straight. It was neither large nor small, with neither a down-turn for a hawk nose, or an up-turn, for an aristocratic nose. His lips were full, but not thick, dry, a scar in the middle of his bottom lip, and at the corner to his mouth, his face clean-shaven. His teeth were white, straight, not perfectly set, and had never been touched by bracers. His jaw was straight, leading to a rounded, mulishly set chin. His body was long more than wide, thin more than muscular, with long arms and legs. His neck was thin, leading to his collar bone. His shoulders were widely set, his arms thin, but built with steel cable-like muscles, stronger than he looked, and limber as well. His hands were large, capable hands, the sorts of hands, that, despite their size, were called artists hands, the sorts of hands that repair watches and clocks, the sorts of hands that rarely fumbled. The fingers were long and thin, the palm wide, and a short thumb. He had small wrists. His torso was not particularly strong looking, save for his abdomen, a six pack looking soft, not in stark relief against his skin. His hip bones were thinly set, his butt hard from exercise. His legs were thick with muscle, stronger looking than his arms, built from running and swimming perhaps? They were a long pair of legs, leading down to his large feet, built for running over long stretches of ground. He was in good shape, but certainly not a body builder.

Name: Natalie Derai
Pronunciation:Nah teh lee dehr eye
Age: 18
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 78
Hair: Deep Auburn red, medium length, ponytail
Eyes: Forest green and Blue bird Blue
Skin Color: Tanned White
Breast Size: A
Blood Type: A-
Description: Standing at a short four feet and nine inches, this young girl was tanned from long days in the sun, muscled from sports or farm-work. Her strange eyes, her left a light Forest green, her right, a dark blue bird blue, were framed by thin, long eyebrows. The eyes were full of expression, easy to read, a light grin touching her sensual, succulent lips. She had small, cute ears, the lobes attached. . Her nose was small, cute, with a smattering of freckles running in a bar across it, onto her cheeks. Her body was also small, thin, and muscled from work and play alike. Her breasts, made smaller from the work, were, at most, an A size, the tips constantly hard, for a reason that you would know only if you undressed her yourself; she wore no bra. Her abdominal muscles were visible, though not stark in relief, and her leg and arm muscles were thin, yet athletic. She looked more elegant, graceful, and flexible, enough so that she could make any kind of activity that involved a bed and at least one partner a lot of fun.

Name : Nikita (neh kee tah) Nezainon (Neh zigh non)
NickName: Niki (Nih kee)
Race: Neko
Age : 21 (relative. Actual age in human years is very different)
Height : 4'9"
Weight : 95
Physical Features(Face) : Her face is delicate, with large, expressive Sapphire blue eyes, a cute button nose, and large Cat ears on the top of her head with tufts of white fur inside them. Her face was covered in a very short orange fur, save for the lower half of her face and the top of her nose, which was a white fur instead. Her cheeks rounded softly, giving her a cute, young look that was completed with thin white eyebrows above her eyes. Her orange-red hair was cut short, in a stylish pixie cut. Despite the cute cut, it was obviously meant more to keep the hair out of the way of her eyes and face.

Physical Features(Body): A short, thin, muscular body, built from hard exercise. Her thin neck led down to small breasts and thin, feminine shoulders. Her arms were average in length, thin, but muscular, built from hard exercise. Her hands were human-like, the short fur that covered her body dwindling away, until her palms were completely hairless, the nails carefully trimmed. Her core was hard muscle, but couldn't hide the fact that the girl was malnourished slightly. Her legs were thickly muscled as well, situated under a tight butt and thin hips. Her ankles were small, cutely thin, her paws softly padded. From
her butt came a long tail with a white tip at the end. Towards the tip of the tail, the fur got more and more bushy in a cute manner. Both she and her tail were completely flexible, her tail able to wrap around someone's leg, her feet able to touch the top of her head while bending backwards. Her clothes were simple; a black pair of thigh-length skin-tight shorts, and a skin-tight long sleeved shirt that stopped just above her abdomen, about 3 inches down from her breasts. It was unknown if she wore panties or a bra. One could easily see a few scars on her body; one on her right hip, going up about 3 inches, another nasty looking stab scar just under her solar-plex, and a third scar along her right and left arms in the same spot, as if she had protected herself from getting slashed at with a sword with both arms. She had two piercings in her ears, one bar in her right ear, and two iron rings in the left, both in the same spot; at the top of the ear, on the outer edges.

Background(AKA History):
She grew up with no family, having been raised from a young age by a gang of Neko, Jackal, Ar'ka and a single Drakio, learning how to fight, steal, and later, how to have sex. She has several wounds across her body, not all visible, has been raped on at least one occasion, and has been arrested several times. It is unknown if she has murdered anyone. It is known that, despite her sweet, delicate appearance, she is fierce, violent, and very loyal to her friends. Over the course of her lifetime, she has been arrested 39 times for theft, 26 times for assault, 18 times for battery, 10 times for illicit activities, and 2 times for arson.

Name: Keileia Smith
Pronunciation: Kay Lay Ah Smehth
Age: 22
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 121
Hair: Deep Auburn red, ponytail, Midback length
Eyes: Deep Green
Skin Color: Pale White
Breast Size: A
Blood Type: A
Description: *Is a Young, Budding Huntress, dressed in dark leather, her dark auburn hair covered by a hood, tied back out of view. The tight fitting leather was scandalous, and while it certainly kept everything covered, it most certainly did NOT hide any features of her body. The soft, well worked and worn leather clung to her body, every feature of her tall, athletic body shown to the full, even her vivacious, small breasts, which seemed to always be hard, the tips pointed out in arousal, though it was not so, it was simply her natural state. Her lips were soft and full, dark red without anything to color them, with long, dark eyelashes around her deep green eyes. Above them floated her dark red eyebrows, thin to the point of almost disappearing into her pale white skin, which, despite her obvious time outdoors, was not tanned at all. Her ears were small and cupped, almost disappearing into her hood along with her hair. Her nose was the only feature of her face that was normal sized, ruining the effect of a cute goddess before you, making her human, though a hauntingly beautiful one at that. Her face was vertically symmetrical, each side of her face matching the other perfectly, and her skin appeared to be flawless. Beneath the soft leather was hard muscles, built from archery, running, swimming, and climbing, thin, yet strong. On her long, thin back was her bow, while her small hips carried her Quiver of arrows, the top capped so they wouldn't fall out if she was running or climbing. Her feet were large, almost made for running and climbing, and her hands were similar, though they were thin, made more for crafting small objects, delicate, and cunningly precise. Her long legs would certainly make her a fast running, and the muscles on them would certainly be enough for the job of running over broken terrain
for hours. Her butt was well muscled, from the running, succulent, and hard. Not one inch of her body looked unused, as far as you could tell. Her eyes kept a hard edge about them, a serious, no-jokes manner

Name: Valerie Kraul
Pronunciation: Val Ehr Ree Crawl
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 103
Hair: Deep Auburn red, french braided, Midback length
Eyes: Deep Green
Skin Color: Tanned White
Breast Size: A
Blood Type: A-
Description: Standing at a short five feet and four inches, this young girl was tanned from long days in the sun, muscled from sports or farm-work. Her deep, emerald green eyes were framed by thin, long eyebrows. Looking into her pupils, you can't help but feel as if your sinking into a pit of darkness, a swirling sea of green around you. The eyes were full of expression, easy to read, an almost sad smile always touching her sensually small and thin lips. She had small, cute ears, the lobes attached, the tips hiding beneath her french braided hair barely. Her nose was small, cute, with a smattering of freckles running in a bar across it, onto her cheeks. Her body was also small, thin, and muscled from work and play alike. Her breasts, made smaller from the work, were, at most, an A size, the tips constantly hard, for a reason that you would know only if you undressed her yourself; she wore no bra. Her abdominal muscles were visable, though not stark in relief, and her leg and arm muscles were large. She looked more elegant and graceful than strong, flexible more than powerful,
speed over strength.

Name: Daniel Kinkaid
Pronounciation: Dan yell Ken Kayd
Weight: 175
Hair: Ruddy Brown
Eye: Blue
Skin Color: White
Blood Type: O-
Description: Standing at six feet and three inches tall, this man seems to be... normal? He wasn't built muscularly, but nor was he fat. He seemed, instead, to eat healthily, but not exercise. The muscles he did have were gangly, long, built from running, or maybe swimming, more than lifting weights. He seemed comfortable in his skin, at the very least. His face was a bit robust, with a strong jawline, large ears, bright blue eyes with a hint of gold, , and bushy winged eyebrows. His short, quarter inch long hair was straight, almost bland in its brownness that was almost a red. If he were to clench his jaws, the muscles would show rather easily. His eyes, however, were not bland, a startling deep blue, with a slight gold hinting within it. They showed cynical amusement, laughter, a deep cunning and intellect, and a pain not yet forgotten. His face would remain generally emotionless however. He was wide, from shoulder to shoulder, the bone structure naturally that way, medium built muscles on it. His arms were long, and his hands easily some of the largest you'd seen, with an 8 inch spread in length, but thin, for a males. The legs were also long, and more muscular than his arms, built from running. It seemed a good deal of his height came from his legs. His feet were also large, though not the biggest you've ever seen.

Name: Miveda Tosako
Pronunciation: Mee Vey Dah - Toe Sah Koh
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 103
Hair: Strawberry Blonde, Shoulderlength Ponytail
Eyes: Large - (left) Green (right) Blue
Skin Color: Pale White
Breast Size: B
Blood Type: AB
Description: Standing at a thin 5'9", this girl looks a bit strange. Her strawberry blushed hair was coupled with two different eye colors: a Deep green and a bright, almost ghost-like blue, that, in anyone else, would signify blindness. Her facial structure was a delicate, soft type, heart shaped with her windows peak, cute in its manner. If her hair hadn't been held up by the tie, it would have framed her face perfectly, falling down to her breasts. Her lips was full, sensual, the kind of lips that looked like they begged to be kissed, especially in a pout. Her nose was a button, small, delicate, and cute. Her ears were also small and cute, being cupped and close to her head, the lobes attached. Her thin, small body complemented her face, being cute without being short. It was a muscular body, lean and fit, instead of anorexic, built, most likely, from some sort of aerobic exercise, such as swimming. Naked, one would see that she had a six pack of abs, large thigh muscles and calf muscles, and large arm muscles. There didn't seem to be a part of her body that was not worked into the peak of fitness. Her breasts were a perfect set of symmetrical B size, the nipples almost constantly tipped hard, whether naturally, from arousal, or from cold would be unknown. Her hands were large, almost freakishly, with a spread of thin, long fingers of around 6 inches, and one could almost call them an artists hands, from how nimble they seemed to look. Her feet were also rather large, spreading over the ground, balancing her weight perfectly, always keeping her in a ready stance. She seemed to be rather flexible, able to touch her feet to her head, bending backwards. Her muscles didn't seem to get in the way of such a maneuver.

Name: Anastasia Kate Dragomirov
Age: 16
Race: Elf
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Red
Skin: White
Height: 5'1"
Basic Features: Delicate
Breast Size: A

Anastasia Kate Dragomirov is the daughter of Kalie Danya Dragomirov and Vladamir Dragomirov, who are both full dragons. She is an Elf due to the fact that Kalie spent a large amount of time in the Elf body while pregnant with Anastasia, and could not shift out elf form without harming the child. Even so, Anastasia was born without Vocal cords, and instead uses telepathy to speak.

Anastasia is a normal sized elfen girl, with natural, wild, uncontrolled beauty. She had beautiful, but shockingly deep, long red hair, that reached all the way to her butt, with a slight wet look, curling around her ears. Her eyes were an unnatural shade of dark purple, inhuman in shape, far too cunning, intelligent, and innocent to be human. Her face was delicate in nature, small cute features, except for the strong jawline she got from her father. her eyes brows were long and thin, her nose small, ears thin and pointed, barely touching the back sides of her head. Her hands were small and delicate, her
fingers tips calloused from playing Violin and Cello. Her feet were also delicate, but unlike her hands, were heavily calloused; she never wore shoes, and ran barefoot.

She was a person that was quick to smile, easy to please, and completly unaware that she was beautiful. She was quick to laugh at jokes she found funny, quicker still to tell her own. But she was also quick to worry about her friends, and especially about Sha'na. She had begun, lately, to act slightly mysteriously. As an elf, she could not lie, but she was quick to bend words,and twist truths, and evade questions. She was becoming good at it.

Justine Anastasia Rogers
White, American(or Equivalent to)
Civilian, Trader
March 20, 3125
Small Power Pistol, Standard Trade Equipment, Standard Trade Vessel.
Short, young, delicate in looks, though slightly exotic. Cute face, Green eyes, red hair, small ears and a butten nose. Reflective tattoo's around her wrists, and at the small of her back. Small, perky breasts, perhaps A sized. Muscles are there, but not sculpted, and not heavily worked. Enough to get her by in a gravity inclined area without relying on others, unlike many other traders.

Quiet, shy, and half depressed, she refuses to talk. She communicates, instead, via sign language. The reason for this is unknown, as her vocal cords are uninjured. Also unknown is the origin of the metallic tattoo's. She is fully human. She is 18, young for a trader.


Records say she is a trader, and has been her entire life. Past that, nothing exists, past her birth date. Her history, according to the records, is almost nonexistent. Between the ages of 1 week and sixteen(when she bought her trading vessel) there is absolutely nothing. There is similarly nothing on her parents, grandparents, or any other relatives. Past age 16, she still kept mostly to the shadows, avoided conflicted area's, pirates, and out of notice. She made a steady stream of
credits selling various goods, from luxury goods to foods and water. She was not known for being generous, or for being ungenerous. She gave help when asked, but was not a pushover. She did nothing to attract attention, carried no illegal goods, and broke no crimes. The only outstanding thing about her was her age, and the fact that she was outstandingly beautiful. She was currently in the Madros VII system delivering a set of heavy weaponry for the military, specifically, from Provian, to the Nalinathris fleet.

Name: Kalie
Race: Dragon
Skin(Elf): Pale White
Skin(Dragon): Light Green
Skin(human): Caucasian
Eyes(all): Dark Green

Standing at 6'9" tall in Dragon form, she is small, at most only 400 pounds. However, to combat her small stature, she has a larger brain, sharper and longer teeth, and, unlike larger dragons, she has wings, and is able to fly. Her scales sometimes change color due to highly emotional states. In elf form, she has small, delicate features, cute, built like an archer. She is
also, very obviously, pregnant, nearly 9 months into it. Her breasts has swollen from their small B size to a much larger C size. She no longer spent any time in dragon form, unable to change form without harming the child, which was elf, due to her long status in elven form. Before the pregnancy, she had been thin, angular, and quite deadly looking, despite her small stature. Her claws were easily 2 inches long, thin, razor sharp, well taken care of. Her wings were large, her back muscled, thin scaling to keep her light, hollow bones for the same reason. There was nearly no fat on her, only enough to keep her insulated for the high clouds she drifted in, her internal body temperature high, reaching up to 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Her stomach acid, stronger than most dragons, was easily made, and expelled through her tough esophagus without losing food.

And within the Dragons Skull laid an Eye
That stared around itself, unblinking
Blood dripping from the Iris. "Lo, and Behold,"
It spoke, and from it's depths rose a figure
Dressed in black and death, a man twisted.
"I have come, and from me shall come suffering."
Said the Eye of the Dragon. "In your guise, I shall
Reap your lives in my revenge."
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