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 The Tobari and Linnis Vino

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PostSubject: The Tobari and Linnis Vino   Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:20 am

The Tobari:

The Tobari are a xenophobic and secretive race, often prone to invading and conquering other countries/races rather than engaging in "true" diplomatic relations. What differentiates them from other war-like races who simply conquer indiscriminately is their reluctance to rely on overt hostility. The Tobari like to play games, and one they are very fond of doing is to test their opponents. This is done by first conducting relations and often entering some sort of agreement or treaty, then poking and prodding their opponents to try to manipulate an adversary into breaking – or appearing to break – said agreement so as to give them a solid justification for striking. Though, not all Tobari are that deceptive and manipulative. Tobari value power and knowledge above all else, and fear disgrace and failure.

Appearance wise, the Tobari are characterized by their pale grey skin, piercing red eyes, and deep blue blood. Hair colours range from silver grey to raven black. Deep Auburn hair is uncommon, as is brown, however brown is widely considered as a "tainted colour", and some new borns with brown hair are even disposed of given their general mindset. The average height for both males and females is around 6'9" feet, and they are exceptionally strong, around two times more than a average human.

Society And Goverment:

The Tobari live in an absolute monarchy, where the Monarch has all judicial and federal powers at his or her disposal. This is generaly good, seeing as the population of the Tobari is small, allowing for the Monarch more control over his or her subjects. In addition the military is deeply ingrained within Tobari Society, so much so that the Monarch is often seen as a sort of General or a High Constable. It is the military that the peoples produce goods for, and it is the Military who caries out all law-enforcement within the Monarchy, with the Monarch making the first and final decisions.

Linnis Vinoh:

The woman has dark raven coloured hair, so dark you almost thought it wasn't real, black as the void itself with a deep blue shine. Her eyebrows were of the same colour, in almost in contrast to her pale grey skin, akin to a dead human's whose blood has stopped cold. A very unusual colour of skin indeed, almost unnatural in its eary beauty. Her intense eyes, just as strange as her skin, were a strange ruby red, which caused the strongest of peoples to advert their gazes. Her mouth was sensible, yet the lips were soft and a darker shade of her unusual skin colour, giving her a more delicate appearance. Her nose was pleasant was well, somewhat small with a slightly curved bridge, adding to her beauty. Most people would either be terrified or intrigued by one of her more unique features, strange markings that would line her skin in abstract lines and formations, matching and following the curves and angles of her face. The lines would flow smoothly, the only points being the ends where the lines would thin out and end. The tattoos themselves were white in colour, almost resembling scars in a way. Her body was well kept and muscular, giving her many exotic curves that was both eye catching and pleasing to look at. It wasn't too muscular however, and never detracted from the wild beauty of her body. Her she looked to be at a mature age with perky medium sized breasts. Of course much of her body's finer features would be visible without her rugged obsidian grey armor. It's many plates folded and curved around in a menacing fashion, pointing out with it's angled edges. It was crude, yet very efficient, the plates angled in such a way that it would allow for maximum mobility as well as protection. There was very little detail placed in the armor, then again there was no need to, for this armor looked dedicated to protecting the wearer, not to look pretty. Even though it might look crude, it was obviously designed masterfully judging form the amount of protection it offered without sacrificing too much mobility. It was by no means attractive, but there was semblance of figure to the armor, showing off her womanly figure some what. The armor covered most of her body, only the forehead, eyes, and scalp exposed. Fine red cloth in the fashion of a scarf covered the neck, mouth, and nose, with the tail end flowing down to the left past her waist and thighs. The Tobari's voice was smooth and sultry, however strangely commanding.


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The Tobari and Linnis Vino
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