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 Mech 1: Quick Silver

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PostSubject: Mech 1: Quick Silver   Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:24 am

Mecha name: Quick Silver

Mecha type: Muscle Tracer

Class: Close Quarters

Energy capacity: High

Speed: Fast

Agility/Mobility: Acrobatic

Weight: Light

Main armaments: Energy Sword

Right Hand: None
Left Hand: None
Right Back: None
Left Back: None
Shoulder Extensions: None
Hanger: None

Description: A quick moving muscle tracer with over sized boosters. It was built to fit, almost exactly, the human shape, with the proper joints and lengths for every limb. Being at 7'2" tall, its a rather small suit, thin, obviously built for speed, with little in the way of armor past the minimum covering. It's shape was entirely fluid, looking like steel flesh more than armor. It looked feminine, almost, as smooth as it was. The coloration was a silvering blue, with a trim of dark blue in the insignia and along the edges. The cockpit, such a it was, opened on the front, the entire thing splitting open to allow the pilot in and out.



And within the Dragons Skull laid an Eye
That stared around itself, unblinking
Blood dripping from the Iris. "Lo, and Behold,"
It spoke, and from it's depths rose a figure
Dressed in black and death, a man twisted.
"I have come, and from me shall come suffering."
Said the Eye of the Dragon. "In your guise, I shall
Reap your lives in my revenge."
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Mech 1: Quick Silver
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