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 Genisa Menee

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PostSubject: Genisa Menee   Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:33 am

Name: Genisa Menee
Pronunciation: Jeh nee sah Meh nay
Nickname: Jennie, Neesa
Race: Unknown
Age: 17
Gender: female
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 48 LB.
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Black-Green
Skin Color: Pale White (non-albino, slight tan)
Wing Color: Blue, Green, Black
Blood Type: unknown
Personality: If a person were to describe Genisa in one word it would be this: Hyper. The fact that she seems to be modeled after a hummingbird doesn't seem to help; her mind always seems to be vastly distracted by something, fifteen steps ahead, or focusing on food. Despite how quick she thinks, and how quick she is to be onto the next subject, she is anything but stupid. She, instead, seems to be at a genius level, able to think through problems much faster than almost anyone else. Despite her ability at logic, she is warm, generous, and friendly; almost too friendly. She trusts easily, forgives easily, and forgets just as easily. However, she likes to know where she stands with people, and she treats all her friends as though they were her dearest family. She'll often chime into conversation at odd moments with weird facts, usually something totally off topic.
Description: At first glance, this girls face is young, wild, and energetic. Yet a closer looks reveals just how delicate her features and bones are. She had high, thin cheekbones placed within her heart shaped face. Her large, expressive eyes were so dark a green as to be nearly black, framed by long, flirtatious lashes. She had a small nose, nearly a button. Her naturally red lips were full in shape, looking perfectly kissable. What appeared to be white teeth within her mouth were not: they were instead flat plates made for crushing something: they didn't appear to be made for meat at all. Her dark auburn hair was swept out of her eyes, back into a rough-chop ponytail, as if she had cut it at mid-back length herself. Her body was built like a petite woman's, with thin bones, almost no fat, and very small, yet compact muscles. Her hands were small, with long, thin fingers. Her wrists were very thin, looking so delicate to the point the point of breaking by grabbing them. Her chest was thin in width, yet in depth they were quite large, in comparison to normal ratios. Her ribs were showing, pushing outward quite a bit, with almost four extra sets of ribs showing than is in a human skeleton, holding in four lungs that pulled in air as pairs, one set pulling air in, while the other set pushed it out, and a heart with 6 extra compartments and valves, allowing it to beat at an extreme rate. Her abdomen looked caved in where her ribs started pulling back towards her spine, her belly button an outie. Her breasts were small, perfectly rounded, the nipples erect and hard. Her back looked well muscled, for a particular reason: she had a pair of wings, each as long as she was tall when fully extended. The top feathers of the wings were black, and slowly cascaded into blue, then pure green at the tip. The majority of the wings coloration was blue-green. They were situated on her back, just behind and below her arms. They looked like hummingbird wings, something that would be easy to prove once they started moving: they moved at a blurred speed. Her legs were long in comparison to her body, thin and lightly muscled. Her feet were average in size for ratio, but they were curled to better grip onto stick-like objects. Her calves were thin, yet still muscles, and her thighs looked worked well enough to be considered muscular.

And within the Dragons Skull laid an Eye
That stared around itself, unblinking
Blood dripping from the Iris. "Lo, and Behold,"
It spoke, and from it's depths rose a figure
Dressed in black and death, a man twisted.
"I have come, and from me shall come suffering."
Said the Eye of the Dragon. "In your guise, I shall
Reap your lives in my revenge."
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Genisa Menee
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