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 Natalia Lixian

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PostSubject: Natalia Lixian   Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:28 pm

Name: Natalia Lixian
Pronunciation: Nuh Tah lee ah Leh zee ahn
Nickname: Nat
Race: Human
Sub-Race: Elemental Infused
Age: 17
Gender: female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 220
"Hair": A tube of water shaped like a braided ponytail, Sea-Green
"Eyes": The whites of the eyes are actually a clear blue, while the irises are a mix of golden, blue, and green
"Skin": The skin is see-through, allowing the view of the clear muscles, organs, and 'blood-flow'
Blood Type: H2O
Personality: Unlike what her appearance as a water elemental might suggest, she is quite rigid in her thinking, unwilling to give up on a subject, and abrasive, even violent at times. She never seems happy, or peaceful, as if she were a sea under siege from a volcano form underneath, roiling in anger and dislike. Yet, like the sea itself, she is persistent and powerful. To her friends, she's a bit abrasive, sarcastic, and gloomy. However, she worries more about her friends than herself, and is willing to throw herself into the fray to protect those she holds dear. She hates weaklings, and those she see's as unfit to be alive, despising any weakness that shows in either herself in the form of emotions, or in other in the form of being unable to keep up. In conversations, she is slow to respond, taking her time to think her answers through, and she often has amazing insight to difficult problems. In arguments, she never gives up her point, and her friends were quick to learn that it is simply easier to give up on the conversation at all, rather than making their heads hurt trying to understand her point. Despite being so abrasive and seemingly unfriendly, she prefers being around people than not, even if they don't exactly like her. She certainly prefers being with her friends over people who aren't.
Description: Though she may be humanoid in shape, Natalia doesn't look much like a human. Everything about her, physically at least, was transparent. One could see through her entire body, and see the warped ground behind her and under her easily. She was made out water, water that colored itself all the different shades of blue. But she was anything but one solid body of water; one could see the deep blue muscles that flexed under colorless skin, a near purple heart that beat next to lavender lungs, a baby blue brain surrounded by light purple colored water that served as blood. A person was capable of seeing the light blue fat deposits in her perfectly symmetrical medium sized breasts and the dark lavender tinged perky nipples, capable of seeing that same padding thinned around her hips, replaced instead by the dark blue muscles. A person could even see the dark green of her womb surrounded by the fat deposits. Her spinal cord was a white-blue mass, her bones a gray blue. Everywhere in her body was the light purple water that served as blood, rushing through veins in time with the beating of her heart. Her features were built muscularly, sculpted into perfection, built like someone who was used to fighting. Clear light blue marks on her skin showed scars, all of them from what looked like blades. Her hands were large, with long fingers, built for gripping onto something and never letting go. Her forearm was large, built into muscular fitness, along with the triceps and biceps. Her abdomen was a clear eight-pack, tiny streaks of light blue outlining each muscle there. Her thighs were thick with the dark muscles, built from running up and down stairs, or perhaps mountains. Even her calves were sculpted into hard dark-blue muscles, only a very thin layer of light blue fat. Her face was a myriad of shades of blue, from the light blue of the fat in her round cheeks, to the dark blue of muscle for a tongue. Yet despite it's transparency, her face retained it's delicate features. She has a small nose, with layers of light blue and green for cartilage on the gray-blue of bone. Her small, cute ears were much the same, with tiny blue-gray bones in her inner ear, a deep gray for the ear-drum, and the shape being all that was truly different. Her eye's irises the only part of her that looked solid, a multitude of gold, blue and green colors, fascinating to watch as it shifted colors to show more of the golds, greens, and blues. The whites of her eyes are a clear gray-white blue, showing the white-blue of the nerves behind it, leading into the baby blue brain. Her eyelashes were short and masculine, with sea-green coloration, yet it didn't look like individual hairs so much as a short curved bar. Her sea-green eyebrows were sea-green, and highly arched, and textured to look like thin hair. Her heart shaped face was topped with hair-textured sea-green water, flowing over her head and behind her head in a stiff, short ponytail, drawn back as if to keep out of her eyes.
Armor: Despite her clear skin, muscles, and organs, the armor that covered her was anything but clear and fluid. She wore a Mithral plate skirt that came down past her knee's, banded to expand and shrink if needed. She wore a Mithral breastplate, angled and formed to match the wearer's physical features, allowing for even the woman's breasts to show. Her arms were covered by leather sleeves that disappeared under the armor, showing that she wore a leather jerkin beneath the plate, with small bands of steel running crossways over her arm hat could be removed; those plates were, in fact, razor sharp knives that pulled double duty as protection without limiting mobility. She wore leather gloves with a plate backing, more of the razor knives hiding in plain sight. Her feet and shins were covered by Mithral plate boots that had spaces in them for more knives to grab easily. Her head and hair were covered by a Mithral round-helm that left her face open to the elements. Her neck was protected by a gorget made of Mithral as well.
Weapon: She wields a short spear with a head made of Mithral, light blue waves in the metal, showing that it was folded thousands of times for strength. The wood appeared to be darker than normal oak, and seemed lighter as well, yet just as sturdy. The weapon was so perfectly balanced, that if one were to put the middle of the spear on a razor blade, it would sit there, unwobbling, until it was disturbed. Because it was so well-balanced and light, it was perfect for throwing. The spear seemed to hum, a mark that it would return to it's master once thrown. She wielded this spear in her right hand, and wore a small metal shield on her left. That shield appeared to be made of Mithral as well, a light blue wave pattern once again showing how many times it had been worked and folded into perfection and strength. It was angled to deflect arrows away from the wearer.

And within the Dragons Skull laid an Eye
That stared around itself, unblinking
Blood dripping from the Iris. "Lo, and Behold,"
It spoke, and from it's depths rose a figure
Dressed in black and death, a man twisted.
"I have come, and from me shall come suffering."
Said the Eye of the Dragon. "In your guise, I shall
Reap your lives in my revenge."
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Natalia Lixian
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