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 The RP Class

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PostSubject: The RP Class   Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:06 pm

*ahem* Welcome to Roleplay Class! I am DragonsEye, (AKA ChaosIncarnate) and i am volunteering myself for the position of temporary teacher for those in need. Those who wish to join the class should do so before 4/1/2012.
The Rules of the Class
1. NO COPY AND PASTE! If i detect any plagiarism, you will receive an automatic F in this class. Past that, i have no authority. The point is to teach you how to RP: cheating won't do that for you.
2. No pictures! Pictures, while useful, are a crutch! DO not use pictures to help describe your character. Just use your knowledge of the English language.
3. Yes, in English! Even if you have to use Google translate. I don't know any other language, and no, I won't do your work for you and use google translate except to say "You recieve an F" in your language.
4. Please send all Assignments to me via Private Messages. You are allowed to post in this, but expect it to eventually be deleted. You will recieve marks via Private Message, even if you post in public
5. Follow the rest of the rules of the forum.
The first assignment is to Describe a character, whether it is your character, someone else's character, or a character from a movie. Make it as long as you can stand it, and describe every detail you are capable of describing. Here is an Example

Assignments are graded on a 200 point scale basis.
Grammar & Spelling = 50 points
Content (information properly covered) = 100 points
Originality = 50 points
Yes, this means that if you don't have an original character, you cannot get a higher than a 75%.

And within the Dragons Skull laid an Eye
That stared around itself, unblinking
Blood dripping from the Iris. "Lo, and Behold,"
It spoke, and from it's depths rose a figure
Dressed in black and death, a man twisted.
"I have come, and from me shall come suffering."
Said the Eye of the Dragon. "In your guise, I shall
Reap your lives in my revenge."
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The RP Class
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