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 Berlioz, Aka. "Barry"

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PostSubject: Berlioz, Aka. "Barry"   Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:22 am

Full name: Berlioz

Alias': "Barry"

Gender: N/A

Species: The Enlightened

Ethnicity: N/A

Birthdate/Age: 4089 - 40

Current Occupation: Freelancer

Physical Characteristics:


Height: 210 cm

Width: 80 cm

Weight: 128.5 kg

Payload: 149.3 kg

Shell Colours: Steel grey

This humanoid chassis is designed for high speed maneuvers and precision movement using a combination of advanced ball-joints and hydraulics. With it's slim profile and mobile joints, this design can reach up to speeds of 40 km/h.This perticular frame features a tough and durable polyalloy chassis capable of withstanding extreme stress, and a tripolymer outer shell casing. The hands of this frame are three fingered [Two fingers, one opposing thumb.].

Mental Characteristics: Barry is a optimist, and generaly a energetic and upbeat. Not only is it that, he is also a daring individual, who will take a chance whether it is in his favor or not. The general intelligence of Barry is high. Being a automoton, it is capable of storing 60 petabites of memory and is able to perform computations at a rate of 20THz. Memory capacity is considered low when compared to other models, but it still surpasses the memory capabilities of most, if not all organic life forms.

Disabilities: The chassis has a powersource that lasts a maximum of 50 years of continuous operation before it must recharge. This time may be lengthened by regular maintenance, and by "sleeping", which consists of powering down for a set amount of time daily. Barry is also susceptible to electromagnetic pulses, and in extreme cases, hacking. This perticular model is unsuited for swimming as well, and a total submersion of the frame in water or any other fluid is not recomended.

Idiosyncrasies: When "thinking", Barry has a habbit of pacing about with it's arms crossed loosly. Also, when impatient or frustrated, it taps its left foot vigorously.

Planet/System of Origin: Barry originates from a Enlightened colony on Viss III.

Skills: Being a freelancer, Barry is proficient in the use of small and medium arms, such as pistols and rifles. Barry is also a capable pilot of small jump capable space-craft.

Physical Particulars: Sensors embedded in the hands and along the tripolymer material composing the outer shell allow the Enlightened residing inside to experience a sense of touch. Such sensors can be toggled on or off, however the sense of touch is inferior to that of a living organism. IN addition to this, the frame's visual sensors are cabable of detecting light within 380 nanometers to 740 nano meters between the frequencies of 400 to 790 THz [the visible spectrum], as well as the infrared spectrum within 0.74 micrometers to 300 micrometers within a frequency of 1 to 400 THz.

Mental/Psionic Particulars: N/A


Perhaps, imagination is only intelligence having fun. ~ George Scialabba
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Berlioz, Aka. "Barry"
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