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 "Hope" the Shape-Shifter

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PostSubject: "Hope" the Shape-Shifter   Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:57 am

Name: N/A
Alias: Hope
Race: Shape-Shifter
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female?
Height: Varies
Weight: Exactly 117.4 kg
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Skin": Varies
Blood Type: All?
Blood Colour: White, but varies when connected to the body.

Personality: Able to mimic hundreds of identities and personalities, it is very hard to pin point Hope's -true- personality. Like her identity, her personality is unknown to all, as are her intentions. However, if one could compile her history, they would find almost nothing but good intentions from the shape-shifter, even though they might be slightly miss-guided. She secretly surrounds herself in an air of superiority over those who do not shape-shifters, seeing them as small or inferior, and that they must be cared for and protected. She truly believes that she and her kind are superior beings in nearly every aspect, guiding the "mono-forms" secretly from the side lines as she assumes the identities of important figure heads or acting as their advisors. This is where her miss-guided tendencies shine however, for she tends to weigh also the needs of the many over the needs of the few. While this might seem good in theory, this often results in her overlooking the role a single person can have on an event. She often underestimates the power a lesser person can have on the future. Despite all this, when in public around lesser beings, she can be beneficient and caring, but at the same time, reserved and secretive whether she is assuming the shape of another or one of her many own. Hope can also be farsighted in her thinking, and is very patient, often waiting for the right opertunity to take action. This can be considered an advantage, as well as a disadvantage, as she may pass off certain opertunities in hopes that a greater one arises.

Abilities: Hope has many different persona's which she utilizes to disguise herself when immersed in the mono-form's environment. While varied, they tend to range within the normal humanoid spectrum of sizes and shapes, neither able to change into small creatures such as dogs, cats, and rodents, or very large creatures, such as elephants, large bears, and other dire creatures. White that may seem limited, she can create various different appendages and protrusions from her body that allows her to mimic multi-limbed mono-forms [ie: three or more armed creatures], of for use in defence [ie: spikes, tentacles, thorns, shells.]


Perhaps, imagination is only intelligence having fun. ~ George Scialabba
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"Hope" the Shape-Shifter
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