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 The Dohrmund [Random Tribal Race]

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PostSubject: The Dohrmund [Random Tribal Race]   Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:47 am

The Dohrmund [ Doh-hor-mun-d]:

A common feature of a Dohrmund is that their skin dawns dark greyish colour, a lighter charcoal grey actually, akin to ash from a volcano. Their bodies completely hairless with the exception of the hair on their head, this being a result from living in a harsh climate along what they refer to as "Cleosia's Collar" when translated into english, a large band of active volcanos along the eastern rim of their contenant. Dohrmund do not have a gender at birth, instead developing into a specific gender after finding a mate after adult hood. This is done by using a combination of hormone glands developed during adulthood, activated forcefully and/or through a specific diet of certain meats and berries. If a genderless Dohrmund finds a female companion, it will change into a male, and if one finds a male companion, it will change into a female. If two genderless Dohrmund meet, they will decide upon a gender together. In the past while during their evolution, Dohrmund would breed freely with eachother, thus making it much easier to pick and choose a gender, as a genderless would pair up with one with a gender to eventually mate. The transformation would take roughly six months; much resting and dieting would required as well as thier "features" developed. In this time, the mate would go about its business in caring for its new mate, gathering food and protecting it. Once the transformation has taken place, there is no going back, the creature's gender is then fixed, leaving roughtly fifteen to twenty days to stop the transformation before any changes can't be undone. As mentioned before, Dohrmund have evolved to live in harsh climates, thus some features of their skin reflect that. From the small of their back, extending up the back and the spine of the neck is a strange sort of metalic skin. While not "shiney" like say Aluminum foil or chrome, the darker coloured skin does posses a metalic "glittery" under the surface of the skin. The skin is portioned off in rough hexigonal shapes with subtle creases inbetween each with looser skin inbetween. The larger hexigonal portions of the skin are along the upper back, decreasing in size as the when either moving up the spine and toward the neck, or down to the lower back. Figure wise, Dohrmund are not unlike humans, averaging out at roughtly six to seven feet in height. Dohrmund genderless and males retain very little fat, often resulting in very sleek and agile bodies, manly in some aspects, while womanly in other. Genderless lack the child baring hips and thighs that woman normaly aquire during their transformation, nore do they have breasts. Facial features are sleek and thin, while other features like lips, brows, cheek and jaw bones, noses, and other facial features vary in size and shape. Dohrmund in general have slightly longer arms and legs, and in tandom with their thin torso, it gives them a more elongated look. Hands have five digits, the hands having opposing thumbs, the feet having two long toes [about 2-3 inches, clawed] on each foot from which the Dohrmund balance on. The tibia [the shin], compaired to a human's, is bent, curved, akin to a arch or a bow. The curve is subtle, unnoticiable while looking toward the Dohrmund's front. Looking from the side however would reviel the bow like shape of the leg, the concave portion of the bone faces forward, while the convex faces behind the Dohrmund, giving them a almost "chicken legged" apperance. Teeth are akin to human teeth as well, with the exception of the canines, which are slightly elongated and sharpened. Eyes are generaly almond shape with large and colourful variations of irises, allowing pupils to adjust easily to sudden changes in lighting. Over all, their eyes are better adapted to night time or darker conditions, but they are not nocturnal. Ears are long and pointed, the lobes small and connected, neerly non existant. The ears are angled back and jet out behind the head, and can grow up to five inches long. The top rim of the ear, or the helix, possesses actual bone rather than skin and cartilage, whose texture resembles that of a horn or a chitinous carapace. The bone is darker than the actual skin, so it is easy to pick out, and coveres the top edge to the very tip of the ear, making it sharp and pointed. Fine and delicate muscles under the skin around the ear allow the ear to tilt and twitch to localize sound, but only slightly, and acts as more of a natural reflex, completely involentary. There are two dominant eye colours and thee minor colours. Indigo and cyan are the the major eye colours, while red, orange, and yellow make up the minor colours. Men and woman look similar in many aspects, but to have unique traits pertaining to each gender. Men develop broader shoulders and more muscle mass, and often enter a second stage of growth after they find their mate and enter their transformation, making them over all broader and more fit for physical activities. Woman keep much of the physique of the genderless body they once had, but aquire breasts, and develope child baring hips and thighs, and gain a thin layer of fat around their body. This does not mean the women do not grow any more muscle, but it is comparatively less than that of a male.

[legs http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lf40yzqDbg1qds7epo1_500.jpg ]

Social habbits:

The Dohrmund are not very sociable, but still tend to group up in "Bands". Bands often consist 10 or 20 adult couples, with 30 or so young or infant genderless. While most Bands are nomatic, many have begun to settle down and live in static villiges and communities west of Cleosia's Collar in the dense borial forests. Villages and static communities are much more lively due to the fact that it is much more easy to sustain a larger populous. The Dohrmund, in relation to human technological development, would be some where in the dark to bronze age. Dohrmund have taught themselves agricultural techniques and many unique ways of contructing buildings and homes. A material that they use most often for its durability and strength is what is known as "Bonemold" roughly translated. Bonemold is exactly what it says it is, ground up animal bones mixed in with various other substances into a sort of a slurry with the texture of concrete, molded with sculpted clay and cooked in a heated oven till it is hard. The baking of the mold is critical, too hot and it drys too quickly, causing the mould to crack and become brittle, too cold and the mold will not dry properly, and will eventually deform. While durable, it is no where neer as durable as say, a forged steel tool, but is usefull non the less, and a reletively easier to gather the materials. Bonemold is used for tools, decorative masks, armor, even for housing. Volcanic ash is a common substance used as a dye that when mixed in, gives the armor a dark grey colour.


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The Dohrmund [Random Tribal Race]
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