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 COmmon UAKF Equippment

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PostSubject: COmmon UAKF Equippment   Mon Mar 19, 2012 11:11 pm

Armnents: none
armour: spacecraft grade nanosteel
purpouse: interplanetary bulk shipment
sotrage capacity: 150 intermodel shipping crates(40ft/8ft/8ft(l/w/h))
minimal crew:3
Max crew: 15
cost:1.5 million credits
special modifications: extended cargo area to accomodate equippiment storage(ex: the desert crawler)
origin of name: U.S.S. Ivanna Dostya, Feeresa was the captain of this federation warship
primary engines: 4 hydrogen-ion engines, 2 on each side
warp drive class: sub-drive, incapable of going "warp speed" due to the ships size, and class.

halftrack APC transport
Arments: twin "storm" machine guns
purpouse: Armored longhaul tractor trailer
Engine: internal combustion engine(diesel)
capacity: 100 tons
passengers: 5(6 w/ driver)
built by: Feeresa dostya
armour: 3in thick nanosteel all round, bullet resistant glass, and runflat front tires
Tire arrangement: 2 22in runflat tires, 2 26ft solid steel spiked treads on the rear
Total length: 25ft

Its Mostly Blocky in style, The front end slightly Conventional, other than Angled armored plates blending it into the Drivers cab, the glass a bright/blood red, the Doors have short 1 in. steel plates juttting out at a 45 degree angle, Effectivally turning the driver's cab into an armored compartment, the Passenger compartment is seperate from the Driver's, seperated by a 6 in wall of Nanosteel, the passenger compartment doors are set up like the drivers, a 2 ft step rises up to the door, the truck being a total of 4 feet off the ground

Mk7 Siege walker
Armnents: Varies
Weapon Slots: 10: 4 on left shoulder, 4 0n right shoulder 2 above cockpit Light Array.
Effective operational Range: 3218.5 Km
Minimal Operational Temperature: -28.9 C
Maximum Operational Temperature: 93.3 C
Standing Height: 3.048 Meters
Left shoulder: 34.02 KG
Right shoulder: 34.02 KG
Left Leg: 136.08 KG
Right Leg: 136.08 KG
Main Body: 226.8 KG
Engine: 45.36 KG
Electronics(total Wires and all): 68.04 KG
Coolant system: 22.68 KG
Cockpit Casing: 22.68 KG
Miscelaneous(seats, lights and Sensors): 26.7624 KG
Armor Weight;
Left Leg: 11.34 KG
Right leg:11.34 KG
Right arm: 31.752 KG
Left arm: 31.752 KG
Main Body: 90.72 KG
Engine Cover: 11.34 KG
Glass Reinforcment Mesh:2.268 KG
Cockpit:9.072 KG
Technical Specs:
Engine output: 2.5 Killowats(2500 Watts)
Runnning speed: 40.25 KMPH
Optical Capabilities: Night Vision, Thermal Sensors, Advanced Targeting systems
Air Capacity: 48 Hours, 12 Emegency
Load Capacity: 226.8 KG
Role: Variable
Possible Roles: BlitzKrieg, Assault, Vangaurd, Fire support, anti-tank, Anti-infantry, Anti-air, Escort, Scout
three Toes and a central plate with tunnels for air hoses and electrical wiring in the structures for actuators and dampeners, each toe is 7.62 CM, the total footprint of the assembly is about 0.52 square Metres. From the center of the asembly, the Axial joint of the leg is connected, as well as 4 pistons, two on the top, two on the bottom, each wrapped in supports and various means of keeping bullets from cutting vital lines or wires, The knee is in fact three parts, The lower knee, the upper knee, and the Center Plates. from the Lower Leg, it connects to a basic hinge in the knee, the knee's Lower leg is connected ti the middle point by two pistons, then from the middle to upper is another two pistons, behind the pivot is a fifth piston, mostfly for additional force. then the upperleg connects to the knee via four pistons and a pivot joint, Then stops at a right angle to the hip, where it connects to the hip by a means of several Hinges pistons and axial joints arranged in a way so that the joint can rotate three-hundred ad sixty degrees, effectivally the mech can crawl around at
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COmmon UAKF Equippment
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