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 Estelle Bright [Guild Wars 2 character]

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Windle Poons


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PostSubject: Estelle Bright [Guild Wars 2 character]   Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:57 pm

Hey, I am wondering if I can get your opinions on my character before i post it on the Guild Wars 2 RP forums.

Character Name: Estelle Bright

Aliases: None as of yet

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Profession: Adventurer [Guardian], former Ebon Vanguard

Apparent age: Mid Twenties.

Appearance: Being Ascalonion, Estelle is easily characterized by her fair white skin. Her untanned skin is possibly a result of her armor, which she encases herself in most of the time. So grown used to armor in fact, she considers it a second set of skin. Fair skin and armor aside, another outstanding trait is her silvery, platinum blonde hair, medium cut and straight, the edges frayed and slightly uneven, shaped in the style of a bob cut. Her facial features could be described as sharp, or "fey" in appearance, with sleek cheek bones, thin and angled eyebrows, a turn-up nose, a sharp chin, and a pair of forceful almond shaped eyes. One could easily consider her beautiful and attractive despite her off-putting demeanor. While she dawns a serious guise most of the time, her blank face looks almost melancholy in expression. One look under Estelle's heavy armor, and you could tell she was a experienced warrior. Her frame leaned toward the agile side, muscular, yet lithe and sleek in design from years of rigorous training. Her thinner-than-average frame lends well to her subtle muscle definition.

Personality: Estelle is characterized as being very hot-headed and stubborn with a rather stern disposition. This lends to a strong aura of seriousness resonating from her, and often acts polite and professional, or at least she tries to. Sometimes her hotheadedness gets the better of her, and is very quick to temper.

Due to her hot-headedness, she can be easily provoked or forced into a fight when offended. Often when placed at the butt end of a joke, she lashes out with a crude or hateful remark, or even with swinging fists if her adversary looks like he/she is strong enough take a punch. Estelle isn't the one to joke around or tease in any case.

She has a strong respect for the law, imbued into her by her previous occupation as a Ebon Vanguard. While her mysterious quest takes precedence over all else, she still holds the laws in the some what high regard.

Estelle prefers to hide her emotions under her trademark guise, and while she might seem bereft of any other emotion than rage, deep down she is a kind hearted individual who will always try to do the right thing. Her unrelenting nature hides the heavy emotional burdens she carries, which can make her sympathetic to those make parallels to her mysterious past.

Religious beliefs/philosophy: There was once a time when Estelle was a devout worshiper of the six gods, especially toward Kormir. However, now her faith has dwindled she left Ebonhawk, and she now questions their existence.

Childhood: Much of her upbringing is a mystery. Born in Ebonhawke however, one can safely assume that she has lead a hard life. Living through the countless sieges conducted by the Iron Legion and the Ogre Rebellion has left her a hardened warrior.

Recent history: Again, the reasons for her arrival in Tyria are a mystery. She currently lives her life as an adventurer of sorts, taking on jobs from local farmers and Seraph to clear the lands of vermin and troublesome bandits and centaurs.

Notable relationships: It is likely that she had abandoned any friends or family when she fled Ebonhawke to come to Tyria.

Strengths, talents, and points of pride:
- As a former Ebon Vanguard, Estelle is an adept fighter.
- Estelle is dedicated, she sees a mission to its end, becoming hell-bent in its completion.
- Unwavering, Estelle is fearless in the face of danger or peril, diving head long into the most dangerous of situations.
- Estelle is quite resourceful, taking and making the best out of the materials she has been blessed with.

Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement:
- Very abrasive, her stern attitude and her hot-headedness can be off putting to some.
- She is very distrustful toward strangers, and keeps a close eye on those she works with.
- Relative loner, she despises large groups of people, and likes her privacy.
- She holds a strong, deep seated hatred for the Charr, especially toward those who are a part of the Iron legion.
- She can often be uncaring towards the plights of others, especially those who's troubles seem trivial in comparison to the other tragedies in Tyria.

You find a powerful weapon: Her eyes widen in surpise, and she kneels down to take the weapon into her hands. She scans the weapon with her eyes scrupulously from pommel to point, from tip to base, holding horizontal within her outstretched palms. "What weapon is this?" She asks herself silently as she tests its balance, its weight, its sharpness or quality. Her thoughts search her mental library to identify the type of weapon, who could have made it, what it could be worth, and if it is any use to her...

You find a coin purse: She searches the area above the purse, looking through the myriad of peoples surrounding her in search for the owner. She trusts no one enough to shout out her discovery, nor does she trust the guards around her to keep the money safe within its leather confines. In stead she takes the purse and waits outside the crowd patiently, searching for someone who might be on the look out for such a purse. If one does happen to show, then she will gladly present the purse to its true owner, if not, she will donate it to someone more needy.

You find food: She approaches a suspicious bag of food resting along the side of a narrow pathway. "Filthy... Why can't people clean up after themselves...?" She thinks to herself as she shrugs off the food and continues on her way.

You find a trap: She searches for a way to trigger the trap at a safe distance, so that she or no one else can fall into its dangerous clutches.

You find a corpse: She discovers a body resting in the middle of an empty street. A tide of emotions wash over her, held in check by her impressive resolve. A look of disgust creeps onto her face however as she approaches the bloodied body sword drawn, and kneels down to inspect it. Her eyes dancing up and down the corpse, she searches for a cause of death. Wounds from sharp weapons instantly put her mind on full alert as she tilts her head up to search her surroundings. "Bandits..." She concludes. She begins to suspect that this was all an elaborate trap as she kneels up from the body and braces herself, ready to defend herself as scores of bandits emerge from the shadowy ally ways surrounding her.

You find a suspicious scroll: She approaches the scroll and stands before it, inspecting the parchment. She finds no reason to be suspicious at first, her lack of knowledge on the subject of magic leaves her bereft of any suspicions that this could be some sort of trap. The scroll could just as easily be a letter dropped by a courier. She kneels down and searches for a wax seal, a emblem, or anything to identify the sender or owner of the paper. Without such identification, she opens the scroll to read its contents...

Yeah... This is pretty much an Aurora pallet swap. XD


Perhaps, imagination is only intelligence having fun. ~ George Scialabba

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PostSubject: Re: Estelle Bright [Guild Wars 2 character]   Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:22 pm

I'd work on her appearance. There are some flaws in it that need to be taken care of.
Here are some phrases you should definately change xD
Fair skin aside
She cares not for her hair as much as others do, but wash keeps it clean
elvish in apperance
a turn-up nose (Turnip nose)
nany can catch her staring off into the distance when pondering blank which was naturally meloncoly in apperance (When pondering blank....? Also, Melancholy*.)
muscular, yet lithe and sleek in design from years of rigorous training. Her thinner-than-average frame lends well to her subtle muscle definition. (It's muscular, yet she has subtle muscle definition, and yet she is also a hardened warrior?)

As for personality, only one thing i would take a look at:
"strong aura of seriousness resonating from her, and often acts polite and professional even in the most rowdy of atmospheres if she is left to her own devices.

Due to her hot-headedness, she can be easily provoked or forced into a fight when offended. "
In a rowdy atmosphere, you may just get pissed everyone is being rowdy and simply take care of the problem xD. Something to think about.

Anyways, it looks good, otherwise.

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Said the Eye of the Dragon. "In your guise, I shall
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Estelle Bright [Guild Wars 2 character]
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