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 The Rules of a Pact

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PostSubject: The Rules of a Pact   Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:08 am

The Pact- A union between two immortal souls though dark and forbiden magic.

The Rules of a Pact:

1. Those who agree to a pact will have their souls bound together for all eternity, and shall live as such until one of the pact makers is slain. In if one is slain, both bodies and souls will be destroyed completely [There are no exceptions, so soul ever lives on after the being's inevitable death. Their souls can not be "reaped" by a reaper, nor captured, nor judged, nor seperated by normal means, for thier soul's fate is already sealed.].

2. The two who accept to enter the pact must relinquish a fabric of their being that they value in order to enter the pact. Emotions can be exchanged, such as: anger, joy, sadness, etc. Senses can also be exchanged, as well as certain abilities/characteristics. Once this part of the being's nature is relinquished, they will not be able to use the trait for as long as they exist. [The rules are unclear on what a being may relinquish in order to enter the Pact. The possibilities are limitless, and so are the unforseen concequences. Choose wisely Pact makers!]

3. Once the terms of the pact have been introduced, and a exchange agreed upon, the two will unite their souls together, and will be born anew. Each shall be revived and will draw unimaginable power from the other. This power varies greatly from person to person, and the person's race also plays a factor. Humans with their unlimited potential seem to benefit most from a Pact, and are able to receive god like powers if they are fortunate enough.

4. Only two beings that posses a soul can enter a pact, no more, no less.


5. A glyph shall be branded onto the pact makers, this glyph shall forever mark them and shall signify the part of themselves that they sacrificed.

Pact Branding
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The Rules of a Pact
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