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 Character Sheet: Talon

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PostSubject: Character Sheet: Talon   Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:55 pm

Name: Talon "The Guardian"
Character traits:
Sex: Male
Race: Seraph/Angel
Skin Tone: White, Slight Tan
Age: Exact age unknown
Height: 6.8
Eye Colour: Bright cyan.
Hair: Black, straight, medium length hair, looks shaggy and tossed. Clean shaven face.
Wing colour: Glowing White

Rough Facial Appearance (Not of my own creation):

Behavior and Back Story:

Talon is a adventurer of sorts, traveling off to distant lands in search of knowledge and adventure. Before he became an adventurer he was a Adjudicator, a group of warriors that looked over lesser beings or the less fortunate, and destroyed those (Ie: Demons, dragons, dark wizards, and other strange and powerful creatures) who posed a threat to the very existence of all beings. Talon was paired with Aurora, another seraph whom he quickly became mentor to along with her father Akie, who was also a Adjudicator. Akie left the Adjudicators and became engrossed in the realm of dark magic, where he was corrupted and deemed a threat by them. Akie was to be captured and purified, but Talon deemed him "unclean" and killed Akie, despite Aurora and Akie's plees for mercy. For disobeying orders and for the murder of Akie, the Adjudicators imprisoned Talon for the remainder of his eternal life, and was eventually left to starve in his cell.

Unbenounced to the Adjudicators however, Talon was approached by the serpent king Agrenaldo, a demon whom sneaked into the Adjudicator prison with the intention of releasing Talon. Agrenaldo took pity on Talon, and offered him a pact to save his life, despite the fact that he was a former Adjudicator. With his life slowly fading away, Talon reluctantly accepted, thinking that he might be able to redeem himself in the future through good deeds. With the pact, Talon was rejuvinated and Agrenaldo freed him from his bonds. Talon with his new found strength, escaped the prison with Agrenaldo. Talon was deemed a threat by the adjudicators, and was hunted down by Aurora whos soul intention was to get revenge against Talon for her father's murder.

Aurora, blinded by rage and grief, hunted for Talon and Agrenaldo relentlessly so that she could avenge her father Akie's death. Talon was contempt to redeem himself in the eyes of his former partner, and continued to evade her until she could listen to his plees of forgiveness. Aurora did not listen to his plees for forgiveness, as she was too blinded by her quest for revenge. He traveled helping others in need while at the same time avoiding Aurora's constant attempts at his life. As the chase continued, Talon grew weary of the hunt and eventually gave in to her judgment hoping that she would forgive him for her father's death. Thankfully, Aurora's rage subsided durring her hunt for Talon, and couldn't bring herself to pass down judgment on him after he submitted himself to her. Aurora now travels along side Talon, aiding him in his adventures.

Calm, cool, and collected, Talon can remain calm in the most intense of situations. He is proud to call himself a optimist, he always sees his cup half full and encourages others to see the same. He can be extremely caring towards his friends, he tries his best to look after them and and at the same time respect their wishes. Talon is also a strong proponent of Noblesse Oblige, he conducts himself in a way similar to old earth nobility, always trying to be polite and help the less fortunate. Talon dreads killing other creatures capable of conscious thought, and will only do so if absolutely necessary.



When dressing casually, he dresses in a light grey tunic with loose blue jeans. He likes to stay barefooted when not in the presence of visitors guests, but when guests are present then he dawns a brown pair of leather outdoor boots.

He dawns a variety of long swords and great swords. His favourite is a long elegant green glass longsword forged by him.

Pact Beast: Agrenaldo the Serpent King

A large Naga like creature, dawning slick black scales and razor sharp claws.

Theme song: The Merciless Savior(yay channel self-promotion ^_^)


Name: Aurora

Character traits:
Sex: Female
Race: Seraph/Angel
Skin Tone: White, Untanned
Age: Exact age unknown
Height: 6.2
Eye Colour: Indigo
Hair: Medium [Neck Length] Blond Hair.
Wing Colour: Gold

Rough Facial Appearance (Not of my own creation):

Back Story & Behavior:

Aurora is a dear friend and old partner of Talon, and currently travels by his side aiding him in many of his adventures and vice-versa. Before this, she was a adjudicator along side her father, Akie, who tutored both her and Talon in the ways of combat and magic. She quickly became a capable fighter and mage, and hunted fiends along side Talon. Many years later after his daughter joined, Akie left the Adjudicators, and was deemed a threat to existence after becoming corrupted by practicing dark magic. Fate would have it, that Talon and Aurora were sent out to capture her father and return him so that he may be cleansed of the evil that corrupted him. Talon however deemed him too much of a threat and disobeyed his orders to capture Akie, and killed him. After Talon's imprisonment and escape with Agrenaldo, Aurora swore revenge for her fathers murder, and sought to hunt down Talon and kill him. To Aurora's dismay, Talon always seemed to be one step ahead of her and elude her, and when she did manage to force him into combat she was always quickly taken down by the duo.

Aurora became even more enraged and hate filled towards Talon as she continued her pursuit, eventually becoming blinded by anger and rage. So much so in fact that she gave up her duties as a adjudicator and dedicated her life to the hunting down of Talon, as well for any means of defeating him and Agrenaldo. Aurora learned of the unique relationship between Talon and Agrenaldo, and ventured out to find her own "partner", one who could turn the tables in her hunt for Talon. She eventually discovered one who could fulfill this role, a demon known as Ibirujo, who together formed a even more effective fighting pair. The conditions of Aurora and Ibirujo's meeting remain a mystery, and she refuses to reveal it. The new fighting pair with new found strength quickly and took the fight to Talon and Agrenaldo, besting them both on several occasions. Still, Talon always seemed to slip away at the last moment, begging the chase once again. Aurora's rage eventually subsided over time, and she eventually gave up her fruitless quest for revenge. She eventually forgiven Talon for Akie's murder, and the former pair now travel along side one another.

Aurora is some what withdrawn with her emotions, and she will only confide her deepest emotions with her greatest of friends. Aurora hates large groups of people or crowds, and finds it uncomfortable when people invade her personal space. Therefore, she tends to keep to her self most of the time to avoid being bothered by other people. When people purposely bother her or provoke her however, she does not shy away from displaying her anger toward them, often lashing out at them or shooing them away by physical means. One could say that she is also quick to judge, and often has a lot of pre-conceived notions about others she doesn't know too well.

Aurora does have a kinder side however that she does not try to display around others as to not jeopardize her "tough girl" persona. Following her mentor's footsteps, she will often try to help those who look like they are in need of assistance, or other woman who are in need of emotional support. She loves the company of children and will look after those who are in need, even though she says otherwise.



Pearl white heavy armor, with a white cloak and hood. To the untrained eye it looks thick and bulky, however it was designed with mobility and protection in mind. She dawns this armor most of the time even during casual events, and thinks of it as a second set of a skin.

When dressing casually, she dresses in a plain white Cheongsam with baggy black cargo pants. She does not dawn any footwear, and prefers to stay bare footed.

She wields a large scythe like blade called the "Tormentor" by the ones who forged it. Made from various mystical ores which make it sharp and surprisingly light despite its massive size.

Pact Beast: Devil Jaw (Ibirujo) The Brute Lord

A massive four legged dragon like demon with powerful forelimbs, thick spikes, and a clawed tail. It is covered in a thick obsidian coloured shell, which is razor sharp and can be used as a weapon when tackling opponents. It's fiendish appearance is only dwarfed by its fearsome maw, with razor sharp teeth, and two massive tusk like fangs protruding from it's lower jaw.

Theme song: Soaring Through the Melancholy Skies
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Character Sheet: Talon
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