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 Ashley Hale

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PostSubject: Ashley Hale   Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:54 pm

Most used.

1st lieutenant Ashley Hale: Authors notes.

Nickname: The rose.Sex: femaleHeight: 5 feet 6 inches Skin tone: Pale whiteHair: Deep redEyes: Deep Green
Age: 19 IQ: 170
Background: She was born in the United States. Was raised in Seattle by the first and last front line female veteran in 30 years. Her mentor died when she was almost 13(about 3 days before her birthday), gave herself all her rose tattoos when she was 13. Joined the Marines at the age of 16 and lied about her age. Joined the program three years later. Never had a boyfriend. Has shown some skill at strategy with small groups and amazing skill with tactics. Military skill is best described as a scalpel. Loves roses and dragons.

Notable features:
Tattoos: 7, mainly roses. A long stemmed red rose with the stem starting at her naval and ending between her breasts. A long stemmed red rose starting at the small of her back and ending between her shoulder blades. Rose “bracelets” with flowers all around her wrist bones, thorny stems going up her arms on the outside of her arm towards her elbows. Also has rose ankle bracelets, no stems. Has an all seeing eye of Horus around her right eye.
Piercings: Two on each ear. Hairstyle: Ponytail.
Future relationships: Possible
Uses a .50 desert eagle.

MD John Kinsley

Nickname: Kinsley
Sex: Male
Height: 6’ 3”
Skin tone: White, slightly tan.
Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown
Age: 24
IQ: 190
Background: he seemed ordinary, except for his fast rise through the grades. He Finished high school at 13 and finished his medical degree with top grades of his class when he was 17. He often skipped class and still made straight A’s. His college often used him as their consultant in their genetic experiments on humans. When he turned 19 his record turned classified. He was sent into space to work on the most top secret of projects. Also very good at computers and hacking. Has no girlfriend and has never had a girlfriend.
Notable features:
Tattoos: Cross on his right arm, skull on his left.
Hairstyle: Short, messy, bed head.
Future relationships: Possible.

Major General Karoline Whitson

Nickname: Kara
Height: 5’ 4”
Skin tone: White.
Hair color: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 34
IQ: 145
Background: Joined the Marine Corps at the age of 18. Became an officer. Became a general at the age of 30. Showed extreme skill at strategy in the military academy. She would have been promoted earlier except for the fact that she disobeyed a direct order to bomb a village harbouring terrorists. Good conscience. Makes smart decisions. Had a boyfriend but broke up with him shortly before joining the marines 20.
Notable features: long scars across each arm, crossways. Cutter? No tattoos. Favours her military uniform, has a custom uniform for off duty. Also likes Turtle neck shirts.
Custom Uniform: Mostly white, blue trim on edge and on the side of the arm, elbow side. Large dragon embroidery on the back. Pants are deep navy blue.
Hairstyle: necklength, with longer hair torwards the front on the sides, and shorter in the back. Angled.
Future relationships: Possible


Private Avery Corize
Sex: Male
Height: 6’
Skin tone: Black
Hair: black short afro
Eyes: Deep brown
Age: 18
IQ: 113
Background: Marine corp Private, Good with machine guns and heavy weaponry. Joined at 18.
Heavily scarred, gets into fights a lot. Disrespectful. Disagreeable, argues.

Private First Class Dante Gokey
Sex: Male
Height: 5’ 10”
Skin tone: Black
Hair: Black and short
Eyes: Brown
Age: 19
IQ: 110
Background: Marine corp sharpshooter. Partner is Darrel Boxley. Good with a knife and uses a .50 desert eagle as a sidearm. Meek, quiet, stays out of the way, does as ordered.

Private First Class Darrel Boxley
Sex: male
Height: 5’ 6”
Skin tone: White
Hair: brown with dyed silver streaks.
Eyes: Blue
Age: 19
IQ: 115
Background: Marine corp spotter. Has perfect 20/20 vision. Partner is Dante Gokey.
Uses a .45 magnum. Does as ordered.

First sergeant Tyson Olevera(dead)
Sex: Male
Skin tone: Albino
Hair: Near white blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 20
IQ: 132
Background: Marine corp explosives expert. Uses bolt action rifles. Creates his own bullets. Also makes the sniper rounds for Dante Gokey. Has good aim.

Control room:
Leutinant Colonel Stam Russell
Skin tone: White
Hair: brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 25
IQ: 143
Background: Ace air force pilot, recruited into the program to fly the Armageddon. Has a crush on Ashly Hale. Carrys a beretta strapped to his thigh. Slightly inflated ego, sometimes rude. Is rude to anyone who is hitting on, or with, Ashley.

Major Sabrina Smyth
Skin tone: White
Hair: Long and Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Age: 23
IQ: 148
Background: Helicopter pilot. Was trained in analyzing technology. Is able to use the on-board star maps. Is secretly in love with Russel Stam. Hates Ashley. Carrys no weapon. Meek around everyone, except Ashley, who she glares at, and sometimes curses at. Will do anything to make Stam hate Ashley.

Langauge expert
Tracy Coffmen
Sex: Female
Skin tone: asian brown
Hair: Long and black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 32
IQ: 136
Background: langauge expert. Speaks over 20 languages fluently. Is good at analyzing new langauges. Was recruited to help communicate with aliens. Highly emotional. Near high school mind thought.

Engineering bay
Major Tony James
Sex: Male
Skin tone: White
Hair: Short red
Eyes: Blue
Age: 24
IQ: 156
Background: Genius with his hands, can fix or build almost anything. Was recruited for his skills in building. Has a degree in engineering as well. Likes to invent and experiment. Carries a .44 caliber magnum. Secretly loves Vivien Xie.

Second Lieutenant Wade Rankins(dead)
Sex: Male
Skin tone: Black
Hair: Short brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 19
IQ: 148
Background: Good at astrophysical engineering. Likes to invent. Can fix things easily. Likes to smoke. Carries a .50 desert eagle. Have rugged looks. Scar on his cheek, looks like he was cut by a knife.

Second lieutenant Vivien Xie
Sex: Female
Skin tone: Asian
Hair: Shoulder length bowl cut.
Eyes: Deep brown, almost black
Age: 19
IQ: 176
Background: Breezed through engineering school and succesfully built and dismantled a hydrogen bomb in less than an hour. Is fascinated with alien technology and is constantly improving on her hand weapon. Carries a customized .55 desert eagle. Has a laser scope, custom fitted grip, an extra long barrel as well as customized rounds. Good aim with her gun.

The ship


AI Devrastra
Chosen look: Large, muscular Human male, with blue hair and violently purple skin. Fingernails are Bright green. Seems to favor bright colors. Wears robes. Voice is a deep male voice and pleasant sounding.
Controls: Engine room power usage.
Habits: Likes to roam throughout the ship with the holographic displayer. Rather annoying to the bridge AI, Celiothas. Likes jokes. Likes to annoy people in general
Other: Mood fluctuates when the engines are damaged or malfunctioning.

AI Ceven(Artemis)
Chosen look: Normal sized Human female, near normal white skin, but with slight blue tinge. Hair is a bright red. Wears what looks like a deep blue armor with a sword strapped to her waist. Voice is a low female voice, during battle harsher and more like a crows.
Controls: All external beam turrets. All external pulse turrets. All external lights as well as cameras. Weapon room.
Habits: Roaming the halls and suddenly shouting a blood-curdling war call at passerbys. Likes to scare people and laughs when she does. Enjoys spendning time with the AI Devrastra. Loves to tell and receive pranks, jokes, and other comedies.
Other: Mood drastically changes when in battle, often giving orders to soldiers. Always notifies the bridge anything wrong with the turrets or lights and cameras.

AI Grvencha
Choson look: chaotic swirl of colors, center is often black. Outer edge is usually white. Voice sounds like breaking glass and china. Controls: Science center. Often produces weapons and repairs any damaged equipment.
Habits: Stays in the science center, but often sends out small floating probes through the ship as if searching for something. Usually is quiet.
Other: When busy with something almost never speaks. During that time center is black outside is white. When not busy outside is black and center is white. When in battle, the center grows and turns a deep purple, and the outside a bright green. The swirling colors also look like colored water going down a drain pipe.

AI Celiothas
Chosen look: Thin, muscular Human female, deep red hair, bright green eyes. Wears almost nothing except for an armored bra, armor bracelets, armor panties, and armored legs. Has a rapier on her side and a small shield on her back. Legs are very muscular, as if meant for kicking. Bare feet. Voice is a soprano.
Controls: The bridge as well as the captains room.
Habits: Likes to roam the halls unless she meets Devrastra, and then she threatens to disconnect his crystal from the main board. Then goes back to the bridge, and mutters for the rest of the day about how to get back at Devrastra. Enjoys spending time with Kara and Ashley. Gossip.
Other: Is in command of the ship, and knows how to battle. Likes Ashley and Karoline Whitson. Likes to use the Special AI suit that looks like her. When in the suit enjoys sex with Yachoi.

AI Yachoi
Chosen look: 1920 doctor (Unknown how he got this look) usually, although sometimes goes as a muscular biker in a sleeveless shirt, especially when Celiothas is around. Hair is deep black. Skin is a sensual chocolate brown.
Controls: The medical center, crew’s quarters, officer quarters, as well as the main hall.
Habits: Likes to roam the halls, looking for anyone that is sick, injured, or having a mental breakdown.

AI Suit: Looks and feels like whatever the AI it’s designed for is supposed to look and feel like. Most used by Celiothas and Yacho
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Ashley Hale
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