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 Verdant ACU

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PostSubject: Verdant ACU   Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:47 am

VERDANT is a Class S Advanced Commando Unit. The ACUs were developed by Aerotech Industries, and were a huge success. The ACUs were equipped with top of the line technology, including a cloaking system and sensor jammer. There were initially 3 classes of ACU: Class C, Class B, and Class A.

The Class C- The Class C ACU was the Assassin. It utilized advanced cloaking and scanner disguising technology to render itself practically invisible. They were usually small, and lightly armed. The Class Cs were able to move at fast speeds, and usually were equipped with the best sharpshooter technology.

The Class B- The Class B ACU was the Assaulter. It was heavily armored and had numerous weapons. They were often large. They were also equipped with top notch nanobot tech inside their armor, allowing them to regenerate damaged armor quickly. The Class Bs also utilized a prototype technology with Element 124. Element 124 allowed the Class Bs to chip off small pieces of a block of metal to fire, effectively allowing them to fire 5000 bullets with 1 magazine.

The Class A- The Class A ACU was the All-Purpose. They were fairly armored and had a number of weapons. These ACUs were mostly considered the most dangerous as they used technology from both the C and B ACUs. They usually had a light titanium plated coated with nanobots, advanced blend systems, and sensor jammers/disguising systems. They used Element 124 weapons, as well as had advanced sharpshooter technology installed. Their sensors were top notch, and their programmed skills unquestionable. They are considered hyper-lethal, and can eliminate an entire militia group within hours.
Pic: http://dominicjan.deviantart.com/art/futuristic-soldier-2-123305611?q=boost%3Apopular+Futuristic+Soldier&qo=0

VERDANT was originally a class A ACU. His abilities were uncanny, as he did better than most of the other class As. At one point though, he was sent on a mission to eliminate a rising rebellion in Antaria. While he the mission was a total success, he was damaged beyond repair. VERDANT was to be thrown to the scrap heap, before one General Hurn found him. General Hurn was the head of Project: Tsunami, an attempt to create combat armor for troops. General Hurn equipped VERDANT with technology from all his armor variations, in a attempt to create a super soldier. After his supreme upgrade, VERDANT was so different he could not have been considered a class A ACU anymore. General Hurn proudly named him the first class S ACU. During VERDANT's "career" his advanced programming had to adapt, in other words, he began to evolve into a AI. General Hurn noticed this, and believed that if VERDANT was an AI, perhaps he could do missions better. So Hurn contacted the head of Project: Sword, Dr. Ryan, whom asked to examine VERDANT. During his stay with Dr. Ryan, VERDANT met Febuary. Dr. Ryan believed that if VERDANT became an AI, he would be 10 times more efficient. However, then Hurn realized that if VERDANT could think, he could turn on them, and immediately ordered VERDANT destroyed. Of course though, by now VERDANT had already been upgraded, and fought back. He destroyed all in the base, including General Hurn and Dr. Ryan. During his hunting of the 'meatbags" VERDANT found that Dr. Ryan realized the destruction a AI could do to it's creators, and set about deleting her. VERDANT slaughtered Dr. Ryan when he found out, and set out to free her, another AI. He finished Febuary's programing, albeit there being slight problems in her personality due to VERDANT not being the most proficient in programming, he was still able to program her.

VERDANT took Febuary with him when he escaped. He stole a prototype gunship that was being created for Febuary's use, and set out to destroy all meatbags of the same faction as Dr. Ryan and General Hurn.

Verdant Pic: http://valhein.deviantart.com/art/ACS-armoured-combat-suit-83226855?q=boost%3Apopular+Combat+Suit&qo=1
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Verdant ACU
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