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 Feeresa Dostya

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PostSubject: Feeresa Dostya   Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:20 am

age: unknown(looks like she's 25)
weight: 210
Fingers end in talons
one red eye, one blue

due to some traumatic events while in the Ignis Defence forces(IDF) she has predictable bouts of rage, usually after someone she cares about is severley hurt, usually occurs after extreme sadness and subsequentally anger. after serving in the IDF for 50 years and leaving at the age of 100(they live for thousands of years) she decides to take a shuttle to earth. Upon arrival at earth, she joins the ranks of the federation. due to her 100 years in the IDF, she is placed incharge of the federation warship, the USS Ivanna Dostya. In the later years of her service, the Dostya is "sunk" the ship was attacked by the same rebels she fought in the IDF, she lost a dear freind, Vladamir, when the ship crashed on an uninhabitable planet.

Her Armor:

Feeresa's Battle armour:

primary material:nanosteel(special manufacturing process)

skinsuit material: fire retardent silksteel(this is worn beneath the armoured suit)

cost:500,000 credits(available to service men or retired)

special modifications:custom shoulderpads, tail sheath(armour plating for the tail), "second skin" sensros, custom fit armour.

Left pad:has a custom insignia consisting of a browning .50 cal machinegun tilted at a 45* angle inside a hollow gear ring: all of this raised, the browning raised higher than the gear ring, browning pained black, gear ring pained silver

Right shoulderpad: Ignis defence force insignia; a fireball, bullet, and pool aranged in a triad, embossed and painted a sand yellow

skinsuit: a network of nerves linking the wearers own nervouse system to the suit: this feature is specific to the "second skin" sensors, relays information ranging from heat(to a certain degree) to touch, but no pain sensors on the armour.

special order attachments: night vision sensors on the helmet, shoulder mounted lights: a micro fusion reactor powers all systems, can be enabled/disabled on demand of weared.

this suit can withstand most small arms fire without severe damage, maximum round size: .50cal breaking point: AP rounds

weight: 25-30 pounds

special benifits: has a built in medpack system, does not kick in unless the bullet/round punches through the armour

downsides: does NOT provide superhuman strength, though a purchasable benifit: this forces feeresa to stay in peak physical fitness

storage capabilities: 2 sidearms and extra ammunition canisters 1 main weapon and additional canisters

special modifications by purchaser: electrified gauntlets, with sharpened fingertips; for close combat, and in some cases the gauntlets can be removed.

Her Transport:

half-track APC transport
Armaments: twin "storm" machine guns
purpose: Armored long-haul tractor trailer
Engine: internal combustion engine(diesel)
capacity: 100 tons
passengers: 5(6 w/ driver)
built by: Feeresa dostya
armour: 3in thick nanosteel all round, bullet resistant glass, and run-flat front tires
Tire arrangement: 2 22in run-flat tires, 2 26ft solid steel spiked treads on the rear
Total length: 25ft

Its Mostly Blocky in style, The front end slightly Conventional, other than Angled armored plates blending it into the Drivers cab, the glass a bright/blood red, the Doors have short 1 in. steel plates juttting out at a 45 degree angle, Effectivally turning the driver's cab into an armored compartment, the Passenger compartment is seperate from the Driver's, seperated by a 6 in wall of Nanosteel, the passenger compartment doors are set up like the drivers, a 2 ft footstep rises up to the door, the truck being a total of 4 feet off the ground

Her ship, the Dostya(civilian)

Armaments: none
Armour: spacecraft grade nanosteel
purpose: interplanetary bulk shipment
storage capacity: 150 inter-model shipping crates(40ft/8ft/8ft(l/w/h))
minimal crew:3
Max crew: 15
cost:1.5 million credits
special modifications: extended cargo area to accomodate equippiment storage(ex: the desert crawler)
origin of name: U.S.S. Ivanna Dostya, Feeresa was the captain of this federation warship
primary engines: 4 hydrogen-ion engines, 2 on each side
warp drive class: sub-drive, incapable of going "warp speed" due to the ships size, and class.
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Feeresa Dostya
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