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 The Teleportation: Talon

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PostSubject: The Teleportation: Talon   Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:34 am

Name: Talon Gallifrey
Race: Dark elf [Drow]
Height: 6'1"
Skin Colour: A Pale Pigment Indigo
Colour: His irises are a bright cherry red that glow eerily in the dark, and shine with a gem like splendor under light.
Class: Spell Sword
Weapon: A gold encrusted long sword, sheathed in a walking staff. The staff portion can be used to focus ice attacks and parry.
Element: Ice
Casting Type: Chanting+Kinetic
Professions: Clock/Watch Maker, Magic Technician
Hobbies: Painting, sketching, and building contraptions.


He is tall, thin, and some what muscular, he is built much like a acrobat. He has a long Elvin face, thin and well crafted, with long and pointed ears [about 3 inches long].His hands are his most notable feature, they are long and nimble, perfect for reaching into tight spaces or fiddling with tiny objects [The true hands of a watch maker]. His eyes are average in size, but prominent. His hair is long, straight, and black, but is usually Chinese braided down to his lower back.


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The Teleportation: Talon
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