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 The Teleportation: Nathanial Varaxal Clarke

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PostSubject: The Teleportation: Nathanial Varaxal Clarke   Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:02 pm

Name: Nathanial Varaxal Clarke
Race: High elf
Class: Mage
Casting method: Kinetic
Element: Dark
Professions: Jewel crafting, Tailoring
Talents: Drawing
Weapons: A pair of Black Gauntlets, A steel plate between each knuckle, and one on the palm, with a slot for a stone or gem of sorts, without these, he can not cast, For they focus his energies.

Age: Undefined
weight: about 190
height: 7'1"
eyes: Amber orange Sclera (eye white) Blood red Iris, and a cool blue Pupil

His Fingers are slightly longer than the average elf's, they appear as if they were made for precise work, The fingernails a blood red.

His frame is A bit out of Place for an elf of his height, Its Muscular, yet toned, His shoulders broad, He has 4-pack abs.
His attire consists of A black trench-coat, Black steel toed boots, Black undershirt(skin tight) and over-shirt, along with the a fore mentioned gauntlets.
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The Teleportation: Nathanial Varaxal Clarke
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