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 Estelle Lian Bright

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PostSubject: Estelle Lian Bright   Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:49 pm

Name: Estelle Lian Bright
Race: Half Elf/Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 116lb
Hair Color: Platimum Blonde
Eye Color: Indigo
Skin Color: Caucasian [slight tan]
Asset Size: C
Mage Class: Mesmer
Battlegroup: Omega [Vir unit]
Commander: General Jiri


Estelle has a heart shaped face with almond eyes complete with a button nose, and long straight platimum blonde hair, bundled up into a simple poney tail. Her body looks some what delicate, however very agile and flexible at the same time due to her elvish origins. Her hands are long and slender as are her fingers, perfect for tinkering with smaller objects.

Mage Class Description:

Mesmers are masters of illusion and control, controlling the enemy’s energy for their own use, or their allies energy. Skills possesed by the Mesmer provide excellent support, turning enemies’ powers against them and changing the very fabric of reality to hinder foes and help allies. Mesmers are perticularly good with dealing with other magic users, causing harm or inflicting pain when ever a spell is cast, or even cauing their spells to back fire. Their unique illusionary talents can slow or even halt enemy movement and casting, or cause imaginary illnesses that can distract the opponent. Mesmers are usually adept at close combat as well due to their unique ability to hinder foes, but are often vulnerable to more veteran close quarter combatants. Mesmers are at their best durring one on one combat and when fighting with allies, but when fighting against large groups they can be easily overwhelmed.

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Estelle Lian Bright
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