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PostSubject: Nathaniel   Sat Oct 30, 2010 5:14 pm

Nathanial Clarke:
He appears as an adolescent, Standing at 6 feet, give or take a few inches, his past isn't well known. His Basic attacks require some movement, A simple flick of the wrist and a person can be knocked down, or thrown, A punch, could easily harm a large group of people. His more devastating, and shocking attacks, Require him to either be enraged, Pissed off, or otherwise. These attacks range from:
Suffocation: this spell is uncommon for him to use, because it requires him to stand perfectly still, usually he has to glare at the target, any movement, even the wind may cause a disruption of this spell

Explosion: this spell generally requires nothing more than a few movements of the wrists, but can not be used often, for it is mentally draining.

Implosion: See above, this will also pull nearby bodies close to the target, can not be cast repetitively

Standard attire: Black trench-coat with silver Shoulder guards sewn in. Black pants and shirt, size 13 Mid shin steel-toed boots(again black) wears black gloves, plates between each knuckle

Age: 16
weight: about 190
height: 6'3"
eyes: Amber orange Sclera (eye white) Blood red Iris, and a cool blue Pupil
Skin color: Caucasian, Tanned

Demonic Form:
His hands Grow in size and length, The muscle doesn't keep up, so they appear thin and bony. His feet do the same, Resembling those of a dragons.

His Hair Hardens and forms into Tendrils that Are rock hard, yet soft to the touch(think of kerrigan's freaky hair) it is shoulder length.
his shoulders have the same tendrils protruding, only this time its just 5, they extend down to the elbow, wrapping around each arm, Each of the tips is rock hard, razor sharp, and can penetrate 2 in steel if thrown hard enough.

His Imperial Auquilla Tattoo changes from its dark ink to white scales, for his natural scale color is obsidian black .
His legs thicken out, He is strong and built for speed
His face becomes more triangular, Elongates as well, Does not affect mental capabilities or capacity

Height: 8ft
Weight: 325 Lbs
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