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 Heart of a Hero, Soul of a Corrupt [Argent]

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PostSubject: Heart of a Hero, Soul of a Corrupt [Argent]   Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:30 pm

Argent's actual name is unknown to all but himself. He was originally a Knight of the High Elves, but was summoned by the Wizard Vatha. Vatha actually summoned Argent by accident, as he was actually attempting to create a potion to increase magical abilities. So Argent was instantly dumped into the experimental potion, increases his miniscule amount of magical talent by 30. As Vatha had no idea how to summon him back, he took in Argent, who was bleeding from the wounds of the battle he was in. As Vatha found out later, Argent was battling a variety of dark creatures right after he slain a great dragon, and summoning him actually saved his life. Argent was grateful to Vatha. Vatha told him that he would try to create a spell to send Argent back. He said that it would take a great many years to create a spell of that magnitude. Argent however was patient, and waited while Vatha attempted to create this spell. They became good friends, and traveled for 15 years. During these travels, Vatha noticed Argent's powerful magical talent. He took Argent in as his apprentice, and taught him all he knew. By his 77th birthday, Vatha finally completed the spell. He wrote it down in his personal spellbook. Argent was in town, gathering supplies at the time of this however. And while Argent was in town, Vatha was attacked by a group of wizard hunters known as the Blood Warriors. Argent returned to find a severely wounded Vatha, and a great many of the Blood Warriors. Before he died, Vatha gave Argent his greatest possession, his spellbook. Argent had already grown to attached to this world however, and opted to not use the spell. He decided to destroy the Blood Warriors, and did just that many years later.

After this, Argent wandered around the world until he encountered some Adjudicators, who captured him and put him under a spell of control. Due to his strong will and magical resistance, Argent was able to break free of the spell's control a few months later. Now, while Argent was confident in his abilities, he was not arrogant enough to challenge several Adjudicators at once. He simply learned what he could from the Adjudicator teachers and libraries, planning for his eventual escape. As the day for his time to leave drew closer, Argent prepared more vigorously than ever, mastering great spells and weapon techniques in record time. Then finally it was time for him to escape. Now, this day happened to be a Solar Eclipse, and during a solar eclipse, magical powers were weakened for some inexplicable reason. Argent quickly left during this eclipse, killing all who stood in his way.

Argent resumed exploring the lands after that for a long time. Days turned into years, years turned to decades, decades turned to centuries, and centuries turned to Millennia. He gathered an extreme amount of knowledge during his travels, and settled down in the country of Starcraft, the location of the legendary CRP Castle. He started up a library to work in. He put the books he collected over his travels there, all 703,576 of them. As most would think, wouldn't being 30,000 years old make you look old? Well as a matter of fact, High Elves can live up to 100,000 years, making Argent still in the prime of his life.

Contrary to popular belief, Argent is actually a good friend of the Palavan Crusaders, not an enemy. He actually saved the life of their emperor awhile back, but that story is for another time. Another thing that isn't true is that Argent isn't actually a kind old man, he's polite, and courteous, but if you annoy him or piss him off, he is completely ruthless.

Recently, Argent has begun traveling again, and has just recently returned from an adventure in the newly discovered Dragon's Valley. He is the author of many books, including "A Warrior's Manual" which is a requirement for all warrior trainees, and "Spellcasting for Dummies", an extremely helpful book on spellcasting. There have been many different legends and stories about the exploits of Argent. Argent actually has gone under many names over that course of his life, and most of his tales refer to people who don't exist.

One thing Argent keeps secret however, is his great skill in the arts of stealth and assassination. It was one of the many skills he picked up during his journey, and he was naturally excellent at it, due to him being part Dark Elf, 1/4 Shadowclaw to be exact, whom were known for their legendary assassination abilities.

Argent: http://adennbloodraven.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d1q1vgu
Argent in armor: http://adennbloodraven.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d2tly6u
Argent in mage mode: http://adennbloodraven.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d143o8b

Age: 30,762
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 164 lb
Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Eye Color: Dark Amethyst, turns Teal when using magic.
Nickname: The Destroyer; The Librarian; The Blood Wizard
Known Alias': Verdant, Adenn, Kyle, Aszhr, Terek, Jerimier, Ordo, Aragorn, Jerek, Tierres.
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Heart of a Hero, Soul of a Corrupt [Argent]
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