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 Character Sheet: Sha'Na

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PostSubject: Character Sheet: Sha'Na   Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:05 pm

Name: Sha’Na
Nickname/Codename: Angel of Hope
Age: 17-18
Gender: Female
Height: 7”5’ (Adult) (Looks like a 15 years old human)
Personality: Childish, Playful. -her tone is alway happy and friendly-
Specie/Race: Dragon
Eye Color: Light teal
Scale/Fur/Hair color: white hair grey scales
Breast size: B (Adult)
Sexual experience: None
Characteristics: She's willing to play any kind of 'games' and hangs out with Minaa and Anastasia alot.
Description: She's human looking. The only dragon features she has are her arms and legs, her tail and her wings. Her arms and legs make her look like a 10 year old kid. Her tail is catlike ending in the usual dragon tail tip. Her wings are angel like, soft and scaly. Her scales cover her entire body and are rather soft to the touch. Her hair goes down to her feets and almost touch the ground when she stands. She can wrap herself in her hair (Long and Straight).
-she gets up, standign 7"5' tall. her tail lays on the ground as she walks, its the longest dragon tail you saw so far. her hair turned pure white and lays just over her talons- -her arms and legs are dragon like. her movements always graceful. magicka flows arround her. her scales are neutral, her skin and eyes are pulling on arctic teal but staying in the grey shades.- -the rest of her body is human in look, delicate yet muscled, built for swimming- -her body is rid of any natural defences, except for her claws and fangs-
Job/Function (Details): None.
Power/Ability (Details): Magicka user.
Bio/History: She's the child of Skarr and Mir'Shil.

Base Look:
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Character Sheet: Sha'Na
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