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 Character Sheet: Wynne

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PostSubject: Character Sheet: Wynne   Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:51 pm

Random MRP/CCRP/MedCRP Character

Real Name: Flachion Brin
Self-Given Name: Wynne
Code Name: Ultimate Chimera
Race: Belonging to no specific race, Wynne is a chimera.
Sex: Female
Age: Appears in her twenties
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 110 lb
Hair Color: Radiant White
Eye Color: Ruby red eyes
Skin Color: Pale white
Asset Size: C

Description: Wynne has a heart shaped face with almond eyes complete with a button nose, and long, straight, energetic white hair that flows down to her buttox. The hair seems to move on it's own accord, swaying gently as if a slight breeze is moving through it. Her face practicaly screams innocence, unscared, unwrinkled, her piercing red ruby eyes reflecting her innocence to anyone who happens to gaze upon them. Her body looks some what delicate and exotic looking, despite the more unique charactersitics her body posesses. She has no more body hair to speek of other than her hair. On her back she has soft white scales that run all the way down her spine. All the scales are not white however, the ones in the very center of her spine appear more dark, and jagged. Each scale getting brighter, smoother, and softer as they flow out from the center. Her hands are long and slender as are her fingers. Her most notable feature is a glowing "orange-redish" Y shaped scar placed directly on her chest. The tail end of the Y runs up between her breasts and splits open stopping right before her shoulders. It glows constantly, and seems to brighten when Wynne is in a state of fear, panic, or anger.

Behavior: Her emotions are often mixed, and her behavior irratic at times, but is constantly curious. She has a basic understanding of how some things work, but at the same time no knowledge at all of other things. She seems to have a fare grasp of many languages as well, but she does not know why or how she gained this knowledge, or any knowledge for that matter, only having recently been released into the world. She tries her best to get a grasp of the world around her, and will ask those around her for assistance if need be.Wynne can often tell if somehting is wrong, unatural, dangerous [for her], or out of place, almost as if she has a sixth sense. With this "sixth sense", it also makes her a good judge of character, and is very open and trusting to people who she deems safe.
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Character Sheet: Wynne
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