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 Dark Savior

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PostSubject: Dark Savior   Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:04 am

Name: Sablejade
Gender: Female.
Races: Shadow Elf
Body Shape: Wavy, elegant, shoulder length, sunshine blond hair with blood red tips. Has a angular, serious face, looks sinister at times. Has a extremely curvy body with hard smooth muscles. Skin is pale white with no imperfections. Eyes are a jade green with a navy blue hue.
Main Class: Warrior
Secondary Class: Dark Knight
Specialization: Knight-Assassin
Clothing Design: Extremely Form Fitting Enchanted Obsidian Black Leather Clothing. Has several pockets to store items.
Armor Design:
Shoulder Pieces: Ebon Titansteel shoulder piece with intricate jade green markings. (Shoulder Piece of the Shadow Knights.)
Bracers: Ebon Titansteel bracers with unholy markings. (Bracers of the Dead)
Breast Plate: Ebon Titansteel breast plate with jade green markings. (Breast Plate of Death's Envoy)
Belt: Obsidian ShadowWeave belt with dark blue runes inscribed. (Belt of the Magi-Assassin)
Greaves: Ebon Titansteel Greaves with jade green markings. (Greaves of the Shadow Knights.)
Gauntlets: Chocolate Brown Leather Gauntlets with dark blue runes. (Leather Gauntlets of Agility)

Dagger 1: Dark Mithril dagger. Has sinister twin dragons curving from the handle to a part of the blade about 2 inches higher. Radiates a dark aura, metal is a ebony color. (Shadow Commander's Dagger)

Dagger 2: Deathsteel dagger. Has a skull in the center of the handle. Also includes several jade green inscriptions through the obsidian metal of the blade. Radiates a unholy aura. (Dagger of the Death Assassin)

Sword: Titansteel Longsword. Has a handle shaped like a fire. Metal is a steely color and has many inscriptions of various colors. Sword is extremely durable. (Sacred Sword of the Arcane Temple).

Dual Wields Daggers or Two-Hands Swords, depending on situation.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Savior   Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:16 am

Dual wielder or one hander?
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Dark Savior
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